PTR Patch Notes


Why am I unable to find my friend’s custom game? Is everyone else able to host and join custom games? We do not seem to be having much luck.


I am running version and my button is grey… I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the Blizzard webpage multiple times now… does not make a difference. Just tried and it does the same thing… grey BattleDotNet button.


Reforged is not available yet so the launcher wont work. to update classic just run the PTR or Regular installer again and it will download and install the update for its respective client.


Ugh, that’s annoying. But I thank you for the reply!


Fix Custom Game desyncs, please


Lucky bastard. I have tried many times waiting for hours not getting a single game. If I pick 1v1 or 2v2 ít find a game fast. But 3v3 or 4v4 is not working for me one day I had it searching for 2½ hours without finding a game.


Hi, i got an error when i try to connection to my account after chaging my password: There was an error in handling the request. (4.2)
I can’t connect anymore to my principal account, i have tried to change password on other account without problem.


Still cant play 2on2 3on3 4on4 with friends.
Thats so importand for a multiplayer game :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
So bad that it dont work for years… cant understand it rly.
1000 balance patches but cant play with a friends. Topp GG


Install unifont to get all fonts in any version of game.


you know you have to make new account on ptr to play there?


that’s what this patch is supposed to do…


Hey Blizz, it’s Corgs again.

I used to be able to host easily. Nowadays I’m having troubles hosting with the recent patch. I get this issue:

"The game was unable to be created as specified.

There may already be a game by that name, or the game name you have chosen was not accepted."

There were no games up with that name. I used to have this problem and now it’s back again. Please fix.

Thanks, Blizz.


Oh wow, thank you so much. This was a big issue, thanks for fixing it.


Item Balance Patch When?

Chain Lightning mana cost is high

Searing Arrow mana cost is high


I try to connect to my account in Northrend server not PTR


Legion TD Hell 3.94

still desync on 4v4 as soon wawe 1 spawns.

Forces us to play 2v2 only, and even then it happens sometimes, but its at least playable…


Item Balance may come with patch 1.31.


Is this in the PTR or live?


It’s in the WC3 original. TFT.
Urgh, live. Not a testing.


My “LIVE” server popped upgrade 1.30.4 and installed it via battlenet