PTR 1.30.2 Updated


Please nerf Windwalk and Mana Burn, they are very lame and annoying to play against. Anti fun…


don’t believe the game is being balanced for 4v4. I’m pretty sure they balance for 1v1 first, and then see what they can do for the others without messing up 1v1.


Is it live on PRT? I don’t see EU servers on the list…


!swap should allow to swap player with open slot. This doesn’t work right now.


Looks like SetMusicVolume(0) doesn’t work (was broken since 1.30).

(Mark Chandler) #44

Still connect to the same US gateway just the game server will be in EU if it has lower ping.


The patch notes are missing changes for Paladin:

  • Devotion Aura increased from 1,5/3/4,5 to 2/3,5/5.

Also Paladin’s Attack 2 (used for attacking air units when carrying orb) still uses old cooldown of 2,20 instead of 2,00.


When you host a game with observers:

  • by clicking “Observers:” you are able to switch to the next slot, and that’s alright, meanwhile if you do so with “Players:” your team will always be set to 1. It would be more correct to change your team number whenever you click there;
  • if you set an observer slot status to Closed, somehow that very same slot will turn to a player slot (therefore possibly exceeding the max amount of players the map allows).

!kick and other commands can receive a slot number as input, so it should be the same with !swap (it currently supports only nickname inputs).

Oftentimes when you host a meelee map with a max amount of players, it is possible that not all the slots will be occupied. This “steals” further possible slots for observers. For example, if I host Twisted Meadows I’m given 4 player slots and 20 observer slots, but if I want to arrange a 1vs1 game, then it should also be a possibility to have 2 players and 22 observers.

Last but not least, is anything coming up in terms of balance for Reign of Chaos? I talked to a Blizzard associate producer some months ago and he was gathering feedback from ROC players, but since then no follow-ups.

(Mark Chandler) #47

Thanks for the feed back on the server issues. Will ensure they are looked at for the next PTR patch.


Seriously this is all you came up after all this time? This is terrible balance patch. None of the problems with NE will be solved. Entangle still kills worker at level 1, you gave big buff to Spell Breaker - already one of the best casters in the game. Why are you keep nerfing Orcs? They never were the strongest race! First you take Spirit Walker into Totem, therefore killing any usage of witch doctor (I know what was the intention but that failed. Still nobody make Taurens), you highly nerfed the only real dps dealer - the Blademaster and now you nerfed one of T2 buildings by 300 (!) hp. Wasn’t reinforced defense buffed to stop abusing Orc’s weak base structures? That’s very inconsistent what you’re doing with this update. Also ensnare nerf. And in return Orcs got only non-buffs. Too expensive reinforced, Trolls Headhunters that are still super weak, shaman buffs that nobody use because you killed spirit lodge, bat riders damage while they are used only to suicide. There are so many things to be fixed in Orc army like Wind Riders being way too fragile for 4 food supply, useless spiked barricades, or Far Seer still having only 2 skills that matter. This is so dissapointing. I feel like you haven’t read a single post on your forum. Especially those regarding broken Night Elves.


Looked like the description of destroyers. Breakers get ez countered by any melee and even ranged ( due to their laughable damage output).


Come on whats with the retarded balance? hum was trash for months and now will still be bad for months until next patch … is it not enough for best hum player TH and infi to switch to offrace and hawk to quit wc3 for sometime for hum to deserve a non garbage buff?
Ud will now be best race in competitive with only orc having a chance to counter them.
I hope in next patch before making idiotic changes just ask best rdm players infi/th how to get about balance to stop these amateur balancing .


I dont get what’s your problem of rain of fire. It’s the best aoe spell vs buildings ( its dot deals already 100% dmg to buildings). Lvl 3 rain can destroy 5 ziggs in just one channel.


The problem is that in 1v1 games you rarely get a level 5 pitlord with a level 3 rain of fire. Even if you somehow manage to do it, rain of fire still does only 50% damage to buildings, it can be interupted by spells and ensnare and your opponent can just move his army out of the way after 2-3 waves. No good player will let you use 10 waves of rain of fire on 5 zigs.
Unlike with the archmage that has infinite mana for blizzard so he can afford missing his targets and just recast blizzard, pit lord’s rain of fire costs 85 mana which is too much on a strength hero with a much lower mana pool.
Therefore, i suggest the following:

  1. Mana cost from 85 to 80.
  2. Damage from 25/30/35 to 30/35/40.
  3. Number of waves from 6/8/10 to 5/7/9.


I’ve seen rain of fire work pretty well without such buffs. Just imagine Blizzard + Buffed Rain of Fire together.
Doesn’t need a buff i believe


RoF doesnt combine well with cleave, when you go cleave you pick howl, because you cannot attack while casting RoF.


Nice changes, still I would’ve liked to see a slight nerf on Acid Bomb. You rarely see Panda anymore because Acid Bomb is just so much better than BoF.


I agree. My point is that all those caster hard counter units are too strong outside of their intended role.


There has to happen something about acid bomb. If I could change it right away, I would decrease both, the damage over time, and the armor redcution, I mean, on top of everything, it is undispellable, leaving a player with a thought of “I can’t do anything about it.” Honestly, I think, for the armor reduction it would also be good enough with -2 / 3 / 4, so a player has to find combinations with fearie fire and orb of corruption, or focusfire with ranged units for example. This would also give him back, my interpration, of an alchemist being a healer rather than an ultimate distruptor … and healer.

And with the current values, the manacost doesnt fit aswell, I think.


Please fix the Vorpal Blades for Glaive Throwers making their projectile deal MUCH MORE damage versus moving targets than without Vorpal Blades.

A running Demon hunter will take about 5 damage from Glaive without Vorpal, but with Vorpal it will damage him for about 35 damage - as if it was a direct hit!