PTR 1.30.2 Updated Update with Updates

No 1.30.2 tomorrow and still no fix for imba n00belves

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No classic for tomorrow?

Don’t worry. You should be allowed to play tomorrow with us - once the update has gone live (so be sure to check updates here tomorrow, but note that you have to check working hours in US :grin: US is the last in time, so for us its almost 2nd of december :D). The date 1st of December has not been updated/changed till now so Im pretty sure they will made it :slight_smile:

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Despite of being USA time different from Euro, I think they already proved not to have too much success regarding deadlines.
The thing here is that, the “1st December” date wasn’t only announced in Battle net forums but widely spread, so it’s hard to guess if they’ll make it (otherwise it was an obvious NO).

Anyway, I hope that they choose this time to wait till they have a better quality product than what happened in previous patches.

Good luck dev team!

i dont can join costum games