Progress Lost In Campaign

Firstly, whilst playing the Siege of Dalaran mission in the Undead Campaign, I noticed that instead of being able to save normally, whenever I tried to it would save to seemingly a different location (with folders) instead of just a list of saves. Thinking nothing of it, I played and completed the mission saving into the location. After completing it, and reaching the victory screen, the game just broke and I couldn’t do anything except ALT + F4. After restarting the game, I noticed that this new location was completely gone and I was left with my very old save at the beginning of the level, and the game displayed that I had not completed the level.

Assuming this was another bug, I restarted again, only this time ALL of my progress is gone. However, my saves are still located in the Reforged save directory, but the game just doesn’t seem to detect them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Are you still encountering that issue? When you encountered it, where you offline or online?

The sorting is broken - you need to click the “date” column to sort the list when loading a save.

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