Private Servers/Old Bot-Hosting People


For years W3 went downhill with the dark century called “Bot Games”, community feel gone… empty bots hosted 24/7 and always the same people playing on that one bot, just wait 15 min for it to fill if you miss the previous game.

I love the fact that we can now host games without issues and my lobbies fill within the minute…

However, I do notice that those old money-hungry private server owners are now trying to divide the W3 community by getting them to play through modified hosts like EuroBattle/WC3Connect.

Will Blizzard take action against those ruining the community & selling Blizzard assets as “donator features” in custom games?


Do you live in a parallel universe where blizzard doesn’t f’ck up everything and provides servers for every region, balance is good, MM makes sense, games without bugs, listen to their community and doesn’t try to cash grab with their old games because they can’t make anything by themselves cuz the good devs left? If yes, tell me how did you get there. Otherwise, you are being stupid. Instead of trying to hunt down PvPGN servers, why don’t you demand Blizzard to work harder?


Blizzard has done nothing but listen to the community, ever looked at what’s coming for Reforged & Classic in the close future?

And how active they currently develop the game?

Balance/MM/Bugs are the same anywhere, even on those messed up private-servers.

Every single argument you provide is based upon thin air, we all want Blizzard to work harder/more efficient but the work they’ve done so far is great… they finally attempt to bring back the community and the bot-hosting “organisations” try to divide and kill the community…


Every single argument you provide is based upon thin air

Ok, so this will be super easy for you to answer.

Is the balance in 1.30.x better than lets say 1.28 or even 1.29?
Do we have less bugs in 1.30.x than 1.29 or previous patches?
Could a player from a region that doesn’t have realms scape the ping now without bots?
Can you track your stats in custom games like before?
Can you ban TKs, leavers and AFK?

If there is a better version of the game why would you not play it?


I think blizzard are the ones who divided the community by removing hostbots and making battle .net boring. Many features that makes you want to play more and more has been removed by blizzard. Hostbots offered ranking systems, leavers and afkers autobaning, low ping, vokekicking, websites for reporting, and websites for viewing stats and game history. Popular custom maps are now boring without these features. Blizzard could’ve made a filter or a separated gateway for hostbots so players who don’t like hostbots don’t get annoyed by them.


wow so ret4rd…
Hostbots kept this game alive for years but okey


I would not worry too much about the player base divide. Most of them will return later in a year or so.


IDK, did they do anything about SlashDiablo? Slash Diablo was/is amazing btw… but didnt matter as only very very few players migrated fully. Most players are die-hard Blizzard fans who just want to play the game, dispite the variants.

i havent played in years, didnt get the chance to see the rise of bots in WC3, but i did see it in D2 (and it was sickening)

what they need to do is implement dedicated servers, as well as some better hosting features


Host Bots killed this game’s community, hosting dead games all day long.


Currently i have 35ms in europe and 130ms in US… this counts as low ping i guess?


Hosting bots in 2006 killed the game list, the time to address that came and went without so much as a whisper from Blizzard. The bots that Blizzard did remove with their recent changes were crowd-accessible host bots that anyone could use that provided great stability, ping and utility to everyone, even people in countries without great internet. All of that goes out the door with the changes they’ve made. I can’t get a ping under 400 on any of the realms here in Australia now, despite getting pings of 200 and less with hostbots.

Why shouldn’t we be allowed to play with modified hosts if we want to continue playing games the same way we have been for the better part of the last fifteen years?


Because now, every “noob/new player” within the game has the ability to host their own game with ease.

I’m sure if you address your issues Blizzard will come with a fix… however, they have a lot planned for W3 in combination to Reforged… they sadly don’t roll it out that smart but it’s a process and we’re not at the end of this years patches yet… not even close.


Blizzard could just make those private servers obsolete by providing a better experience on the regular Bnet. How about that?