Pretty sure Battlenet has a bug with Reforged

I have had to use the Repair Game function with battlenet to try and fix issues with Reforged, but all it did was screw me by getting the game stuck.

The issue after using repair was that after i clicked play, it just loaded for 2 seconds and than it did nothing. Nothing fixed the issue including reinstalling the game.

The only way my issue was resolved is when Blizzard applied a new patch and then i could run the game again. but that was just me being lucky.

Blizzard isn’t going to apply new updates to this game infinitely
And i just had a second person experience the same issue.

Fix your buggy repair tool it makes the game get stuck.


I’m not seeing any outstanding known issues or trending reports with the repair tool not working. What I have seen is when someone is running into patching or connection issues, run the scan and repair tool it results in errors because it can’t download new data to make repair thus it gets stuck. We have to fix the underlying issue; what was the problem in the first place that caused you to run the scan and repair, and is that still occurring?


It’s honestly easier to just uninstall and reinstall than to use the repair function.

stormknight, you’re as active as i am on warcraft 3 modding social spheres. you and I could probably single handedly make our own reforged of the game if given the source code of the original reign of chaos from 2002

you’re old enough to repair your own install. you don’t need a tool

What you described in terms of being unable to connect properly is most likely part of the underline problem.

For me, i was testing some modded files and after i accidentally, permanently deleted what i believed to be a blizzard file, i used scan and repair, this is when i was stuck.

As for others, ive had 2 instances of friends reporting me about using scan and repair and getting stuck in the same, above mentioned unknown loop, difference is they used it because their game was crashing on startup or not opening.

I’m sorry for the late response, and that i’m unable to reproduce a 100% case, but i hope the info will help.

If scan and repair doesn’t have a chance to get people stuck, its a far better option to use it then uninstall and reinstall.

it really isn’t, when the end result is the same and one takes less time than the other.

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