Please give us classic unit shadows back!

Since release custom unit shadows in classic mode have disappeared, with no explanation. I expected this was a fairly easy bug to fix but it’s been 7 months and still no fix.

I know there is a lot still broken and this might be seen like just a minor bug, but for people that play custom games in classic mode its very annoying as you can’t visually make out the units as well as before, especially in big battles with lots of units on screen.

It’s also another example of something we had in classic which has now been taken away or bugged because of Reforged, and it needs to be fixed.

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It has been explained a lot. The bug is with processing of custom unit data shadow fields. It interprets all of them to be 0 value, including shadow size. As such custom units still do have shadows, just they are 0 size and hence invisible.

This can be verified by modifying existing units, such as from melee. Any shadow field set to a non-default value is interpreted as 0. Best seen with shadow offset. Pure custom units have all such fields set to 0 which is why they always seem to have no shadow.

I also do agree that this should be fixed…