Please Fix FFA Search, Cannot Find a FFA Game Since APR10

Ever since APR10 the FFA searching has been not working for me… can’t find a game. Please fix this since it’s the only mode I enjoy losing in.

I’m at 43,177sec+ searching for a FFA game, will let it ride and see how big of a number I can get.

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You’ll most likely have to requeue to get it to work again whenever its addressed.

But maybe you should get gud so you can enjoy winning instead.

Yeah I’m bad it’s fine, just would be nice if they fixed the FFA search so that I could play and lose again. I’m guessing this isn’t very high on their list of things to fix unfortunately.

Also have the same problem. For the last week not been able to find any FFA games even after letting search run for about 30mins. Please fix.

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