Please do NOT require us to always be online for this!


Sure, that is a downside, however what is there to play on a game/s that is based on MMO? Playing against a computer or by yourself is very lackluster.
Now there are some few custom games i can get behind, that are still playable alone. however extremly few and often funnier with more people.

"having a choice would probably be the answer to this reply however, the benefit that it takes away, from those small gathering places. Where people play and still probably do on local area network, to the bnet.


I will try it as soon as i can


Actually the MMO is based on the RTS. And I have no people to play with.


I remember reading that you can play SC:R offline. You have to log on once every month to play with improved graphics though.


Almost correct. The remastered features are on a “timer” of sorts. When you log in, you activate a 14 day period where you can play with the remastered graphics without having an internet connection. After that, they turn off again until you log in once more.

Granted, it’s been a while since I played it so I don’t know if they’ve changed it since but at least the SCR forums don’t seem to indicate anything to that effect.


Whats the point of playing offline? single player is only fun for so long


Some people do not want to be part of a community that they perceive to be toxic. Some people just like the campaign and didn’t even have internet access at the time the original game released.

There’s a ton of reasons, to be honest.


thought you could slip that “play warcraft 3 for free” in there buddy? :wink:
The game that people BOUGHT and chose to play the way THEY like it?

Also, garena didn’t “die” because it was requiring constant connection to play, it got killed by blizzards lawyers who didn’t want people to play the way they want, much like yourself.


;( so sad, i really loved garena.

only right way for blizzard to beat garena kind of hosting services are to make things more appealing to players than what they did. but not totally forbid them. it gives bad karma for blizzard.

since the internet games has beginning, games has been hosted by outer servers and not by game companies. for example countersrike. every one can start hosting it and valve doesnt care it.


I enjoy single player more than multiplayer. Besides, I have no friends to do multiplayer with and most rando’s on the internet are douches.


It’s going to mandatory for DRM reasons.

With the reforged portion of the game being something that is purchased, the online connection is going to be necessary to verify the purchase.

Of the above mentions of SCR and SC2 having offline modes, they do; however, they require a connection to battlenet a minimum of every 30 days. After that, the DRM protected content will lock out until the connection is made.

All the rest of the Bliz games are 100% online with no offline modes.


I miss the times where you used a cd to play the game =(
Not this always online crap…


It’s 2019. Can people explain why offline is important to them? I have a hard time understanding this. Not trying to be facetious, I’m legitimately curious on people’s reasons.

I’m aware a lot of people want to be able to play offline. I just can’t grasp the reasoning mostly because I’ve been online-only gaming (even singleplayer games) for the past 10 or so years. The advantages of offline gaming (higher performance, limited online-access) are pretty much gone. Are people still in situations where being online impacts their gaming?


Because my internet is bad? I lose my connection from time to time and sometimes like 3-5 times a day and that makes online games almost impossible to play. So making it offline would make it far easier. And I want to play it whenever I want to regardless of my internet.

Sorry for bad english


…Did you just respond to yourself?


looks like it I did not even notice =)

that game me a laugh :laughing:


Yes, depending on your ISP, your country, the area you live in… you may have a poor internet connection. I live in France and I have an optical fibre connection, and even so, I encounter connection issues sometimes. It’s rare, but it happens.

Plus, there are plenty of situations where you may lose your connection. For example, just after you moved in, you may need a few days/weeks to get back your internet. Or if your modem breaks down.

Last summer, I had to spend a month in a remote area for professionnal reasons. It was so in the middle of nowhere, the internet was inexistent (the gite didn’t have a connection). I liked to play some games after returning from work to the gite, and I would have been pissed if those games had required me to be online.

There could be plenty more examples.

So, yeah, requiring to be online is a pretty bad idea for a game that doesn’t even need internet for solo content. :slight_smile:


Pretty much this.

Always-online is a pretty dumb decision. There are better ways to DRM your game without screwing over your players.


You know, I agree with author of this post. WarСraft 3 always was very nice game and even if you offline, unlimited custom maps never let you boring. Like the world editor also.
You must not to do this game only online, players must be the choice, they themselves choose how want to play.

I hope you will not make the campaign or it parts paid, like Starcraft 2.

And maybe you will think about reconnecting function like Dota 2. You play with you friends… but OMG, your internet fall down. And it is over. You cannot reconnection in game even if you repair internet fast. This trouble always had made me angry and you and you friend have to regame, this is unpleasantly.


That’s actually a neat suggestion.