Please do not change the original Lore!

They are still very different-looking. Of course they should look like The Broken, but not like those abominations that they look like now in Warcraft 3.


I think that change is required at this point, mainly because even if Warcraft 3 reforged were to follow its own story, the truth is that WoW have develop and expanded what we call as “Azeroth” and everything Warcraft related.

The issues with WoW are not related to the way they show and describe the World, it is usually associated with poor writting and this is mainly a side effect of having a multiplayer online game, where you are unable to make changes without affecting the experience for the players.

WoW has done something that Warcraft 3 never could, create and expand the World that all this battles took place. So, to think that changing the way Stratholme is presented as something bad, to me at least, it sounds more unwillingness to change and adapt and even improve. Warcraft 3 reforged should be more than what Warcraft 3 was. Gameplay wise should be the same, but to say that improving and adapting the maps to how these maps actually look like in WoW, which I may have to add that these maps were properly studied, develop and brought to life, to say that doing bad and that people would refuse to play the game, I don’t know but I think that it has more to do with being stubborn than anything else.

I like the idea of a proper representation of Lordaeron, Outland, Ashenvale, Suramar, etc. In game. I don’t mind if a few changes are made to better explain and connect the Dots with WoW. As long as they don’t sacrifice the entire story then I really am hopeful. If I were to want to just play the same story again, then I would rather just play the already existing Warcraft 3.

Not only that, I do hope that Blizzard introduces more to the races and their stories. Probably a few sidequests explaining things that were left ignored. For example, it is said that Kael’thas father died fighting Arthas. That would be cool to see for example. Another thing would be, if Blizzard were to introduce new units for the campaign, as a testing ground. Feral Druids would be a great example.


WoW story is overall complete dog excrement. Especially the more recent stuff.

I want them to leave the original story alone.


The thing is, they already changed the original lore it whas just that there whas no change to the campaign until now to reflect it. Now with Reforging they update the campaign to the way lore is now.

Ford: whats the point of it? you get a couple of… cheap thrills, sudden surprises, no; its not enough . it’s not about giving the players what you think they want, its not that simple. Titillation, horror, elation. these are parlor tricks. Players don’t return to a game for the obvious things it does, the garish things. They come back because of the subtitles , the details… They come back because they discover something they imagine no one has ever noticed before. A thing they fall in love with

the little things matter and they really should be changed either


They may have changed the lore but I hate it and I don’t want it added to Warcraft 3, I want to to be as if the retcons never happened, just like the original, that’s what a remake should be, same story, improved everything else.


Dude, there’s no need to be so hostile. He’s literally giving his opinion, and a justification for it. If anything, you’re argument that “Blizzard owns it so they can do what they want with it,” comes off as weak. Just because you own a game, doesn’t mean that fan’s cant be disappointed in clear quality drops. And it doesn’t make the game somehow magically good or worth the money just because it’s Blizzard. Mephistroth is making valid points, and you’re just being passive aggressive af towards him. If you’re not going to be constructive, please don’t respond.

Also, there are multiple instances of Warcraft timelines splitting, hence why the Warcraft movie was a thing. So there’s really no justifiable reason that you can’t have a split between WoW (with it’s story changes to allow the 4 v 4 factions for its PvP and PvE content), and Wc3 (the original timeline which it’s all based on).


Wouldn’t it be gorgeous if they took Reforged as a starting point to add a different storyline parting from Wc3 where WoW never happened and they just continue the history from Wc4?


Agreed, a split would be the perfect solution, after all they are both completely different games with completely different fan bases. Most WOW players don’t even care about the story anyways, they just want to raid bosses and get gear, those that do care about the story probably won’t be bothered if it’s separate and will most likely welcome a change, that is if they’re willing to give the RTS games a go.

The RTS genre has so much more potential to deliver a stronger story than an MMORPG does.


To give an example, if you shift Geographical locations to match WoW, the Sunwell in the capital of the Blood Elves is instead off on an island. The capital of the High Elves is supposed to be built around this font of power, and yet WoW decided to move it outside the city (probably for practical purposes, allowing Alliance members to get to it as well). This would severely impact the RoC undead campaign, as obviously Arthas is going to try and revive Kel there, but if it’s off on an island he has no reason to A. Go and murder Sylvannas’ outpost (and she has no reason to be off on a side like that either then), and B. you’d have to separate her murder/resurrection and the revival of Kel. I find it difficult to believe anyone could seriously think that that sort of change would not affect either the flow, or the feel of the story.


If you ask me, I want the Dreadlords to shake things up a little, cause more conflict and plan something that will bring Azeroth to its knees to give the mortal races a final struggle to decide the fate of Azeroth.

WOW Legion tried to do this but it never had that feeling of desperation… mainly because the player characters were practically super saiyan’s who could slay demonlords, titans and defeat old gods in a small group. Warcraft 3 was about large scale war, something World Of Warcraft lacked and that scale is what would give the story that feeling of desperation because there is no one man army in Warcraft like there is in World Of Warcraft (or 25/40 man army if you really want to go there), we’re talking about armies in the 100’s here.

If the night elves and the forsaken remain independent, it will make the story far more interesting because their interests would clash and it would bring more tension between them which would be a challenge when faced with a deadly adversary.

Frozen Throne’s job was to set things up for Warcraft 4, it was all build up, the elves leaving the Alliance and Joining Illidan for example as well as quarrel amongst the Night Elves (maiev leaving Tyrande for dead) and lets not forget Legacy of the damned where there is literally 3 undead factions fighting for dominance over the plaguelands.

In the end, Arthas is crowned the Lich king. That was pretty much the ultimate cliffhanger because now Arthas was at full power and had all the undead forces in Northrend in his control, war was immanent… but not just any war, a war that would be unlike any war the series has ever known.

With the Burning Legion and the Scourge in opposition, a 3 way war would be expected, Kil’jaeden played a very minor role in Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, he could play a more major role in Warcraft 4 fighting against the Lich king… and the mortal races are trapped between this world changing war and have to deal with both the Legion and the Scourge simulataneously while having to deal with their own conflicts.

It’s the ultimate war!

But World Of Warcraft wasted all of that potential.


I agree with what you’re saying, just a minor correction though. Arthas didn’t have any raised Undead in the Outlands.

On the same note, I think the biggest cliffhanger to Arthas’s ascension is Sylvannas. With the return of the Lich King’s powers, will he be able to dominate her mind as he does all the other Undead? Will the Forsaken remain independent? These are all left up in the air upon the conclusion of TFT, and would have made a really cool plot point beyond WoW’s “I hear his whispers in my ear.”

Either way, WoW squandered just about every loose thread Wc3 left up for them (imo), and I think that while graphical overhauls of areas could be fine, I don’t think the right answer is just “Copy-paste from WoW.”

As a side note, I find it weird that people who talk about WoW being the canon, seem to forget that Wc3 is also the canon, and that WoW was the one that broke from that canon first (obviously). So why should Wc3 be tethered to a series that can’t even keep to its own canon?


My mistake, I meant to say northrend lol

There’s also one more small little detail… are the Dreadlords truly loyal to the Legion?

For all we know, they could be serving the legion for their own ends.

What if the Dreadlords are agents sent by the old gods to summon the Old Gods?

You could argue that the reason why the Dreadlords were assisting the Legion was because the old gods and the Legion shared the same interests and perhaps they were using the Dreadlords to influence the Legion to do what the Old Gods wanted them to do.

So what if the Dreadlords manage to summon the old gods amongst this conflict and the Old Gods create a massive apocalyptic struggle that even the Legion/Scourge have to fight back against, perhaps the Old Gods would slay many of the Nathrezim as they would have served their purpose and as such the remaining Nathrezim fight against them as well.

The problem with WOW is that is separated everything, during Wrath Of The Lich King, the Legion were on their coffee break and so were the twilights hammer.

The series needs a royal rumble, a battle which all sides partake in at once, it would test everything that the mortal races have learned over the course of the entire series and perhaps there would be hope to fight back with the assistance of unlikely allies.


What I want to stay

  • Blood Elf eyes blue before Outland, can be green after. Can be either for melee.
  • Night Elf Druids kept all male. This was a defining trait of their society before the fall of Hyjal.
  • Dreanei looking like the broken. No Exodar Draenei in Outland.

Don’t worry. If blizzard do decide to change the story/missions at least we will get a fresh take on missions we have all played countless times. We also have the original game to fall back on. I am sure somebody would just recreate the original maps anyway!!

Is that really worth sabotaging the basis for any Wc4 though? Like sure I could live in a Customs-Game head-canon bubble, but then I wouldn’t be on these forums. If they wanted to add in all this extra cool content, why can’t they do it after remastering the original campaigns? There’s no real reason (besides funding) that they couldn’t just add more campaigns.


Yeah WoW story is pretty trash tbh, even with Chronicles setting the story by cutting away a lot of retcons and plot holes, it pales to this day to wc3 plot and art style


I already answered to this on another thread. I just don’t see how that is a problem.

Firstly, the city could still be built around the Sunwell, maybe they just moved to the mainland when they ran out of space on the island. Secondly, Arthas’ journey could go just the same as it does now - I don’t see how an island would change that. Lore-wise, a sea attack is always riskier and also, you know, there could be simply some magical defenses so that they have to go through Silvermoon to get there, since there’s already that three key system defense. It’s logical to assume there’s something similar to protect the island.

On a side note: that’s pretty much the only example you can give on this subject. That is pretty surely largest change made to Warcraft 3’s story - and even that is not really that huge change, as you make it sound.

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And since the Night elves and the Forsaken joined their respective faction years after tft you probably won’t see any of that in WC3R.

According to the undead campaign loading screen in warcraft3, the Sunwell Grove is outside of Silvermoon, the capital of the high elf, over a huge body of water, and if look at another loading screen that show the whole world, theres a small island north east of que’thalas, and the shape look similar to the undead campaign loading screen.

https: //www. farazjafari. com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Warcraft-3-Undead-Campaign-Loading-Screen.jpg

cant find the world map loading screen, but you can see it on 0:12
https ://

While I think war3 lore should follow its own instead of heading right into that twisted 1 in WoW, I cant see why this sunwell location is a problem

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