Player can use water as standard terrain


Player can use water as standard terrain. He can build, use characters in water, attack and much more on every map.


  1. Start game on build 1.32
  2. Choose your unit and RMB on water
  3. Watch issue

Result: Units can go under water, build, attack and more
Expected result: Units can’t use deep water as standard terrain


Not just water, but cliffs as well.


Yea, this issue was known in the last patch as well. It’s just not fixed yet atm.


Same at last patch!

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Uhh, how? hahah. I’ve tried just playing games and right clicking onto water/over terrain that i shouldnt be able to walk over and that does not work. There must be something else going on here. If anyone has any more info that would be awesome!


I used to have that problem too. It was because Warcraft 3 beta folder wasn’t reachable in documents because it seems there are only ASCII characters supported in path and result was black square during loading and my units were able to walk everywhere. After two mins I got desync.
After creating new user in windows my path to documents contained only english characters and I had no problems since then.


yea what deathpaladin posted. it seems to be connected to the non ascii characters in the path of the windows documents folder. i also opened a thread about that. this was an issue with classic wc3 aswell, when the maps directory was shifted from wc3 root folder to user/documents.

Movement of units on the river
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I actually saw your other thread about it as well, Dusk. And so you guys know, that indeed seems to be how you can get into this state. Thanks so much for the info everyone! You guys are awesome <3


No, you are awesome! Keanu Fingerpistol

I love the activity of blue posts at these forums right now. It makes contributing to the whole thing so much more fun.


Installed the beta on another account (without special characters), IT WORKS !!
Thanks :))