People seem to be misunderstanding

Firstly I have played blizzard games for 26 years. I have enjoyed every game I have played up until recent years.

The people that are advocating that the game is good and telling off the people that are upset don’t seem to get the point of the outrage. We are not debating if the game is good or not…

The game itself isn’t what the issue is… the game has ALWAYS been good for 17 years… that is not the issue at all.

The issue is broken promises…
The issue is forcing an upgrade to a polished game that has been great for 17 years…
The issue is map makers not owning their own ideas…
The issue is corporate greed…
The issue is being told numerous times that cinematic cutscenes would be added that were not…
The issue is the fact that there is STILL false advertising on blizzards own website…
The issue is most custom games won’t even work and we can’t even play the old version THEY ALL WORKED ON… (without using the ptr)
The issue is they took a game we loved for 17 years and took a massive dump on it…

Again the issue is not that the game is bad… the game has always been good… it’s the pile of CRAP that is being plopped on top of the game that is the issue…

If wc3 rc and tft never existed I would have given this game a solid 5/10 for the state it is in at release. But that is not the case here… not the case at all…

What we are reviewing on metacritic is NOT the game… but the reforged aspect of said game… and in my honest opinion that is not even worth a 1 out of 10


Some people will just never have the IQ to grasp what you are saying, especially those 300 people on metacritic(assuming those arent fake accounts created by Blizzard themselves) that gave the game a 10 out of 10.


I’m torn… on one hand I’m upset about the state of Acti-Blizzion, and yet part of me thinks they might actually listen and maybe eventually get around to fixing at least some of the issues, maybe? or I guess I’m just feeling a little too hopeful still… I just don’t want to accept the truth :frowning:


Only time will tell but sadly the damage has already been done and a possible thriving reforged population has already been stifled by all the issues and will never be what it could have been.


I truly believe, in a year from now, people will stop complaining and accept the game as is. Somethings will be fixed and improved by Blizzard. Somethings will be fixed and improved by modders. And I don’t know, but I think it will be fine once fans make a private server for playing the original game.

At the same time, I think its funny this community of ours wasn’t more prepared for this. Like, Blizzard was actually foolish enough to listen to fans about “not allowing changes” but nobody ever thought for one second Blizzard was going to wipe out all our old profiles? lol people should have opened their eyes last year and focused their complaints in the proper area… too bad the only ones complaining were WoW “purists”

Why should we give games poor reviews just because we don’t like the company that made it? Save bad reviews for the actual bad games.


you really didn’t understand the whole point of the argument did you… we are not reviewing the game… we are not reviewing the company… we are reviewing the additions to the game that either fell flat or were non-existing as to what we were promised…


don’t start a debate with somebody who doesn’t understand the topic at hand, hes just derailing the thread


If you’re not reviewing the game, then why are you leaving 0/10 reviews on the game’s webpage? There’s a term for that: I think it’s called “Reviewing the game”.

i guess you were right lol


@monlyth - you are being a bit trollish no? how is the OP not reviewing the game? hes upset about losing many custom maps, hes upset the campaign was only half completed, hes upset the UI is buggy, the game has glitches, the graphics are flawed, and the ladder isn’t ranked yet, wheres the new HuD? wheres the unlimited unit selection for custom games?

I paid $40 for reforged, but I don’t feel it was worthy of that price, and that has nothing to do with Activision


Don’t lose your time, he’s not even trying.
I agree with your sad post.
Blue orcs round my soul.

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it’s your own fault that you hold a company to their promises, especially nowadays when companies have promised things and it has never happened. remember fallout 76 ?

i don’t see greed in this game only possibly on the EULA.

need a source for this stating they were doing the cutscenes and not the in-game ones.

the warcraft 3 website doesn’t have false promises on there, if there is, specify what it is EXACTLY copy-paste it.

old games especially ones that are online are not going to last forever.

people on metacritic are not reviewing the game at all not even the reforged aspects i can get some of the anger that people have, but even if blizzard gave you the old warcraft 3 and TFT i would imagine at some point they would have taken the servers offline after a specific period of time, 17 years for a game is a long time keep in mind.

people get mad all the time and they don’t even think about what makes them angry, even what you’ve stated here i could just point out that you’re just angry and posting this from an anger point of view.

i understand that the company, in some aspect has f-d up, which i understand but a lot of the anger is unreasonable, people bandwagoning etc.


Ask him. He’s the one who said “I’m not reviewing the game”.

is English not your first language? he meant the reviews are not for WC3 they are for the new Bnet launcher, the buggy UI, the broken custom maps, and the overall lack of enhanced features coming along with Reforged

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I already reviewed the game when I gave both Reign of Chaos AND The Frozen Throne a 10/10 long ago… I will no longer indulge your replies with a response as you are just a troll good day sir.


Then it sounds like he was reviewing the game, and he lied when he said he wasn’t. Thanks for clearing that up.

There is still some hope. If Blizzard commits to delivery of on what was promised word of mouth will do the rest with time.

WC3 Reforged also falls into that price bracket that makes it viable to gift. If it’s eventually polished it will endure and people will slowly come back.

It’s MY fault they broke their promises? Holy crap dude you have some issues…
You don’t see greed in this obvious cash grab? How narrow minded are you exactly?
I don’t need to source information already in other very recent posts go ahead and do a little reading buddy I’m not gonna do the work for you…
and the same goes for the website just go read the product page maybe??
Yes old game might not last forever… but remastering a game to bring life back into it should mean that you are aware that you have a loyal fan-base still playing that 17 year old game.
You must not have actually read any of the reviews, nor watched any videos clearly showing the numerous issues, nor had any of these issues directly effecting you…
must be nice to live in your bubble…
But out here in the real world promises are meant to be kept and expecting a game to work, especially from a company with a history of polished games, is not a far reach at all…


Hey, your OP is on point. Don’t waste energy on dumb trolls though imo. They just sap your time and mental energy to no real gain.