Pathing and unit movement


Is there any confirmation that this is being looked at/improved?

I understand the whole square versus round collision debate…However, the logic for how units move in this game is pretty marginal. Often you can issue commands and units don’t even move right away. Other times they take the most illogical route to get somewhere.


There are has been no definitive answer from Blizzard’s end. They said that they might do some changes, if people want it, but they are also being very cautious about gameplay changes as they don’t want to “break the game”. For example, they mentioned dividing the ladders to a progressive one and the classic ladder, but I don’t how serious they were about that. What changes the progressive ladder would include or how likely the dividing would even be in the first place, was left unknown.


Totally get that. However, giving units smarter movement logic would still keep within the game parameters and collision rules etc. It would just mean units would be a little more responsive and move in a more logical way.

Simple things like when you click a unit to move somewhere and it just gets confused and thinks its stuck so does nothing. When actually it isn’t stuck its just that the game logic cannot figure it out etc.


Honestly I wish they’d work on the pathing engine for huge maps, especially custom ones. There seems to be some heavy glitches when it comes to bridges and choke points, resulting in units moving in pretty stupid ways and trying to path through deep water (or being unable to move for some bizarre reason).

A good test map to look at would be Lords of Middle Earth 3.4, travelling from the top to the bottom of the map results in 3 different pathing glitches, and the bottom right town on the world map you literally cannot leave because the game treats it as an invisible wall and auto-moves your units back into the corner once you get about 400-500 distance away from the town.

Its a totally separate issue from unit collision and blocking, as it’s literally the unit-pathing freaking out and being unable to handle basic open terrain.


Grubby explains why the unit pathing of Warcraft 3 should NOT be changed (Remove the x in front of the link):