Patch 1.32.8 is live

The patch notes are here:


Nice, thank you Kaivax

Blizzard patching HOURS before the biggest western tournament kicks off in Asia and 1 day before the EU & AM playoffs starts.

Unbelievably disrespectful.

Also you did a wonderful job at lying to the community once again, not following up on this promise

Please note: These PTR Patch Notes are a work in progress and will be updated with further changes before the release of Patch 1.32.8.

Remember “expect us to patch aggresively” during beta? Same lies 7 months later!


Nice patch, first game, I had no models of units and buildings, then, everyone got problems with game avatars (portraits) No matter which one you choose, you’ll have different portrait when you start a game.
How you can break a portraits when you just fixing an unit models and Frost spell effect???

Aún se mantiene, un tiron o lag cuando los heroes salen del altar o las unidades de las barracas…

Surely the armor scroll could’ve been patch. Just remove the old white armor scroll if it needs to be. There were bug reports and a replay of it @_@

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Hey Blizzard,

Very impressive patch this go around…IN YOUR DEFENCE! Umbrella Academy season 2 just came out. That ate up a lot of my “working time” too. Between that and Tiger King I am surprised we got a patch at all.

The mod that replaces the grass and trees they are using in ESL looks a lot better. Won’t pay to play on reforged maps but I’d buy that.

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and I don’t appreciate the patch, or the community manager

Anyone else reading this way to early in the morning and so still tired see there for a moment PAtch 1.28 is live and wondering, if they now official promote the option to download TFT again instead of neading a roundaway of it like shown in this Thread: Classic Warcraft III --- Official Installers - Official Patches


No one really knows why Blozzard and dev team is acting like this but if you are really trying and working on it, thank you.

It’s just so hard to be on your side now, you know.

Just listen to the community, to players, fix what we want, plz. This game still has so much potential.

If you ACTUALLY fix Reforged, people will play it.

Also, when releasing balance patches, why not changing one thing at a time? Like this one ! This one is great.

Hope to see more fixes coming !


I almost fell in there.

Hey guys - first time playing reforged. Are there any decent lobbies? Am wanting to play with a few mates online but will just refund if it’s not worth it!

Yeah sadly the Standalonepatches go only until 1.27.

@willturneron Lobbies are not a thing. You always end up in a general chat channel. There are many with the same name, so even if you join it, it may look like you are in the same channel, but you are not.

There are no clans or such at which people gather anymore. Which was the case in legacy. But in legacy the chat UI did not overlap with other buttons, text and design. In addition, in reforged chat is really really slow, it drains more CPU than playing the actual game. You can notice that when you hit enter it takes a bit for the chat shows up.

Hence, the idea of a lobby, has died.

Blizzard, are you ok? The patch kinda just seemed random. 100% of the time there’d be orange writing fixing a bug people don’t notice, but the armor scroll is just stuck in our screen. Maybe they got over-excited and wanted to bust out the newly rotating 360 degrees, armor scroll icon out a.s.a.p lol. Who am I kidding, I don’t think they read the forums. They get their ideas from Reddit :frowning:

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Every month community has just stress cause of blizzard. But hey… the show must go on

Hey thanks for the feedback bro, appreciate it. That’s really a shame, a great game gone to rack and ruin :frowning:

That’s it? Lol.
The best patch ever!
Thank you, multibillion corporation!


We have a global lobby, over at
Install it and you will see everyone online that is playing on w3c right now =)