Patch 1.32.7 is now Available

The latest patch is out and downloading in a Blizzard App near you.

Patch notes are here.


This Patch is a punch right into the face as a fan of this game, seems like you got no priorties at making this game any better. Screw this Music on socre screen now only plays once.


HOOOOLY! Let’s go!!! :smiley: :100: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

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This patch is truly laughable and beyond disappointing. Care to at least give us heads up about the state of the actually important features? Why are they taking so long to be implemented, and is any of them coming any time soon?


I have a suggestion, stop any development work and just create a NetEase server for each region and run their ladder app globally.


The editor is still completely in English, this has not been fixed! (It was in German before!)


They’re now being corny-er than ever about under delivering content.


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The patch also broke LAN for me don’t know if anyone else can confirm who also uses LAN but I use it everyday to play with my son and it doesn’t work anymore he cant join my games since todays patch.

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Since they clearly are not going to correct the game … before the next pandemic comes out.
Can you at least give us the Skins of the Heroes in the vs games? So at least we can see an improvement.

Or much better in giving us back the working W3 before they can completely destroy the community.


7 months after release “We’ve changed the music!”


Still no sign of promised reforged content or pre-reforged cut features. How hard is it to put custom campaigns back into the game? And you flat out said we’d have every campaign hero skin in melee. I tried to hold out hope and give you guys the benefit of the doubt but it’s getting really hard to the longer you drag out your empty promises.


??? Sorry what did you guys even do? This is becoming the biggest joke in gaming history. Ever since Activision took you guys over blizzard has went to complete poop Especially communicating with the community. Disgusted.


Thank you, w3campions and quenchin Mod don’t work anymore. Please do not release new patches if it’s just worthless.


What a disgrace, as USUAL.


Instead of looking for a way to patch the game at least without breaking what the community has built to help themselves, they even break that every single time & don’t even give something good in return. I don’t get it. It’s like they really want the game to die. xD


Yea NGL im a bit salty about a does nothing patch nuking my replays and making it so i cant use lan (which has worked for multiple patches now) and had to host games on bnet to play with my son 5 feet away from me…

The way Reforged has been handled feels malicious to me. Even a terribly bad business person and decision maker would have to be EXTRA mindless to take War3 down such a bad path consistently. It almost seems impossible that things happened this way by any sort of miscalculations.

What this tells me, beyond coincidence, is that this was the intended outcome. I wasn’t sure what they expected when they dropped Reforged at first, but by paying close attention to their actions after the disaster… … this is clearly how they want things to be. A small dedicated team most certainly should have at least 80% of the missing features and performance issues solved after 7 months. Do NOT believe otherwise.

Maybe Bobbus Kotickus, or some other executives/shareholders, have had their feewings deeply hurt by something somebody said and are pouting and childishly withholding real support for War3 out of petty spite.


Oh so that must’ve been the Frost Wyrm bug some players were chiming on about. I wish I knew that otherwise I would’ve added that to my repertoire of strats. Especially where I knew a specific creep camp dropping 70% illusions. :man_teacher:

Patch dAAAayyy xd

Next patch: fixed the hair of demon huntress. /end of patch


Another poor attempt/patch made by ActiBlizztard to troll the playerbase.