On the design of the Abominations

Abominations are made from many different corpses.
They are the solution that the scourge came up with to solve the problem of not having heavy units in Lordaeron or in general.
So we can assume that they are made out of say human parts.
If this was the case, which surely is in most cases, then every extremity- one arm, for example- would be made out of many different muscle tissues: a little bit from this arm, a little bit from this leg, a little bit from this abdomen, a little bit from this back. Everything would then be wrapped in skin or maybe it already has skin. it can not be the skin of a single humanoid wrapping the whole abomination because you are creating a humanoid that is much heavier and bigger than ANY you have access to; that is why you are making an Abomination in the first place.

So it makes sense that the abomination does not have a single skin color, but many different ones because the necromancer would not care about finding the same tone of skin, would he?
Warcraft 3 did it right.
WoW did it wrong. You can google the images yourself, i can’t post links here.

The shape of the head.

One option would be to just use the skull (together with the brain) of a single humanoid to form the skull of the abomination. To make the head not look tiny compared to the body, you would have to create a new jaw out of spare bones wrapped in skin and you’d have to make teeth of the proper size out of spare bones from say the tips of the fingers of a human.
Stitches’ skull in HOTS is an example of this.

There is also the possibility of making up a skull out of spare bones or parts of broken skulls, all put together somehow like the warcraft 3 abomination.

So that’s the skull, but what about the body?

Look at Stitches’ body on google.
It is clear that the torso belongs to a single humanoid, the bicep muscle is complete as well as the shoulder muscle and many other parts clearly also belonged originally to a single big humanoid, an ogre for example; but here is my question: if you have access to the corpse of an ogre, why dont you simple reanimate the ogre instead of going through all the trouble of creating an abomination if you are going to end up having practically the same result? (you could just change the brain if you wanted the abomination to use the brain of a very smart mage to counter the retardation caused by the reanimation)

So that’s very wrong when designing the look of an abomination. A real abomination wouldn’t look like Stitches, at least his body would not because Stitches’ body is not an amalgamation of corpses, it’s just the body of an ogre full of scars (and maybe one leg belongs to another humanoid, another ogre probably, a slightly fatter one; but Stitches is not something a necromancer could have created in Lordaeron, like the abominations we will see in warcraft 3 because, even though there are some ogres as the ones that chase Jaina when she meets Arthas, there are not enough to make many Abominations out of and mainly that is not the PURPOSE of making an abomination. They are made out of smaller humanoids: kobolds, humans mainly, pigs, cows, what ever you can find.

You see, the embalmer, the man who made Stitches lived in Duskwood and there are ogres there so, even though the quest chain does never hint at him being made out of ogre pieces, there is the possibility of it so i never complained about that even as an avid hots player.

Warcraft 3 abominations on the other side have to NOT look like a giant with scars.

Look at the warcraft 3 abomination again.
This abomination has an almost complete human right leg with some additions and a left leg totally made up from many different muscles. His left arm has a shoulder belonging to one humanoid and the rest belongs to another humanoid; the hand, due to the size must be made up from pieces of flesh that were available. The right arm is made out of pieces from at least 3 different humanoids. He looks great. A true abomination. An amalgam of corpses. His skull is also made up completely and is not symmetric.

Now my concern.
Look at the Warcraft 3 Reforged abomination.

He is- like in the bad examples- just some kind of ogre or giant with scars and a deformed head. The skull is even so symmetric that it therefore belongs to a single humanoid and again it becomes redundant. If the necromancer had access to the corpse of a creature with a skull that size, why did he simply not reanimate the whole body instead of going through all the trouble of making his abomination using just the head. What’s even worse is there is no creature with such a skull in Warcraft 3.

Guide to making an Abomination. An amalgam of corpses:

  • The stitches are there to differentiate where one flesh piece begins and one ends. Stitches are there to join 2 or more flesh pieces, they are not just there because the abomination has to have stitches randomly. To make clearer where one piece ends and the other begins, you can have the touching pieces have different skin tones.

  • The skull cannot be of a single huge creature, therefore it isn’t symmetric unless it makes sense like in Stitches’ case, where there are ogres near the Necromancer’s lair, so he could have used a whole ogre skull. The skull has to be made out of a single human skull with a completely made up jaw and teeth or the whole skull is made out of bone pieces like the original warcraft 3 abomination.

  • The necromancers do not care about symmetry and it’s going to be rare to find abominations that have symmetric legs, arms or anything really because it is firstly impossible to nail the symmetry when making an amalgamation of corpses and secondly it’s simply not worth the necromancer’s time; just as its not worth his time to find a bunch of skin all of the same color.

  • The abomination’s face has to be either one of 2 options: either the necromancer used the whole face of a human and put it in its place so that the abomination had a nose and mouth (which can be the case if you’re using a whole human skull with just a made up jaw), in which case the face would look relatively small for the body, the alternative is (in the case of the completely made up skull) to also completely make the face up. The necromancer would stitch some nose, some ears, some lips maybe not even made out “lips” to the skull and all those pieces do not have to have the same skin color either.

  • The eyes are very important because why would they have to belong to the same humanoid? maybe one is green and the other brown.
    Probably the Abomination has Strabismus because there are problems with his brain, maybe he doesnt even need to have 2 eyes. Some of them can have hair on their heads or other parts of their body because it wouldn’t be worth the necromancer’s time to shave every square centimeter of skin. -.-

So those are my concerns; as i noticed basically every single abomination has not been well made since the warcraft 3 original one, except for maybe Rotface and festergut from ICC, i am worried now that i see that the warcraft 3 reforged model is nothing more but a giant with scars.

Please do not allow a beautiful well thought model from original warcraft 3 to be replaced by this HD not well thought version, it isn’t right.


Just for reference


I do like your suggestion on having multiple tones of skin. Green rotting flesh, more browns and blacks would be nice. Maybe a night elf hand.

However overall, the new model is an improvement over the old.


You have some good points here. I generally agree. This has always bugged me a bit.

Rotting flesh turns white, or gray depending on your skin color
Also no night elf hands since Aboms are first encountered in Lordaeron where there are no night Elves


So sad this topic will not get enough hype(
The new abomination is just a spit in a face like ‘see how we don’t care - you better buy new female DK skin’

Good news, you don’t have to buy the new female Death Knight. It looks like she’ll be the new standard and what’s most likely to happen is that Arthas will be the male alternate.

Wait, that wasn’t a joke? Someone told be that and I thought they were kidding…

She seems to use the HeroDeathKnight filenames and strings alongside the female Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter as well? Well if Blizzard is going that route, WTB Mountain Queen hero.

I genuinely think a Mountain Queen would be one of the most fun to see and listen to of potential swaps.


I think the new abomination model is an improvement over the classic one but even then they look pretty much the same for the most part for me.

Don’t all Humans in WC3 have the same skin colour? Sounds weird.

This sounds like gratuitous and unwelcome racism.

I unironically cannot see how the Reforged Abom differs from the SD one. Just up-rezzed.

Weird that you think like that. So far, we have not seen a single female hero. It’s been normal hero - campaign alternative. Making Arthas not a campaign hero is far more of a stretch than assuming generic DK will be male.

Even generic non-Kael’thas Blood Mage is male. Although you could make an argument that that’s exactly what we should have expected from the SJWs in charge… No idea here actually, anything goes. But it does hint at the generic DK’s being male.

I can kind of agree that an amalgam of parts would look considerably different, but if you’re to think about it the most efficient form is one that resembles another biped, as it’s the most functional to move - and I kind of like the stretched skin over parts Texas chainsaw massacre look.

A couple of points:

  1. This abomination is easily recognisable and identifiable to the majority of people as an abomination, like from the original game (nostalgia)
  2. I would like to think there’s a possibility in future for multiple skins of not just heroes but a lot of the units in your army to be customised to your own personal preference whether this comes from microtransactions, in game rewards, twitch, or WCL
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You are looking way to deep into wanting different shades of skin for an abominations.


I’m kinda just going off the filename strings for the icons and the current assumption that this time around (for now? who knows what’s happening post-launch for Reforged in terms of more content and assets) they aren’t going any more overboard than they might have already. Having Illidan’s more unique Frozen Throne model and undead Arthas as a whole (I think the only differences between his model and the melee/standard DK in WC3 was the sword, lack of a goatee, and eyes) saves them from making one new model each.

They’d be male and also bring unique stuff to the table.

That would be really awkward.

Hey, you need to pay 2.50 USD to get to use Kael in melee, but Arthas is there for free!

*Disclaimer: We have no idea as to the way of obtaining alternate models.

ПУСТЬ ДЛЯ НАЧАЛА ОДЕНУТ НА НИХ ШТАНЫ ,А ТО ЭТО УЖЕ НЕ СМЕШНО. Когда я увидел что они зделали с Abomination мне стало отвратительно. Как то по культурней делайте моделки Близзард.

А что касается dk , то раз уж сделали женский вариант то делайте и мужской для мультиплеера. Нужно что бы всем было комфортно, а не делать все для одних и портить настроение другим.(Я пишу по Русски так что возможно текст будет переводиться не так как я хочу)))

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What a well thought out post. Really sad to see how badly it got ignored

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