Old WC3 Progamer is looking for Alpha/Beta Access


Hey Peons :stuck_out_tongue:

im not sure if im right here or not. Im just opening this Thread because the Support told me its the best way to get any kind of feedback or answers.

To myself when i was young (ho ho he is old now) the only game i played was WC3 and so i made it to one of the best Undead Player in my Age, gettin win lose ratio like 250 wins 3 loses without any kind of abusing. I also beated guys like grubby and other guys like Insomnia :smiley: no joke. Probably i never made it to some kind of “celebrity” in the scene like Grubby is. The Reason is my Mum wanted me to go to school u.u

So the real Reason why i am here is that im looking forward to get an Alpha or closed Beta Access to the Game directly when its available to stream it on Twitch (If Streaming is allowed) to show the differences of WC3 and WC3 Reforged so the people can see what changes made the Game to prepare people for the final release. And i think i would do that very well, even if Illidan appears and tells me “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED” i would punsh him right in the face.

Even if my Wish, to get the access wont come true im very happy that WC3 is still having the best Community and i think a lot of People in my Age are very very happy that Blizzard made the Remake.

Sorry for my bad English, my native language is German :smiley:

Everyone is invited to write comments in here, tell me what you think or anything else like what makes you happy xD



I wish you good luck, I hope you really are who you say you are, in an opportunity to participate to collaborate with the community.


Good for you, enjoyed your ego trip post?

Exactly, didn’t reach celebrity status so I guess people will only want to watch grubby, tod, Happy (1000-3 ratio) . And see differences from them.

Join the queue kid…


So much hate with this hate you will never be accepted in the wc3 community :smiley: and this kind of madness will only lead you into a ban for wc3 reforged if you keep talking like this in the final game. And what do you mean with Ego Trip? If i would work for Blizzard i would give everyone free access to the closed beta. Srsly you need to grow up dude :smiley:


No hate, I hope you good fortune for stream if want and all.

But make a big post, “my mummy made me go school instead”. No one cares. Your post has a toxic ego to it I don’t like in general community, not just wc3.

Just be patient and waiting beta/alpha like everyone else. You don’t get a higher privilege than anyone else, at end of day we all pay for game, and blizz care most for monies.

Join the queue.


Your sentences make no sense, even if you dont try you cant never know. You should always know “Things happen” it will help you alot and not only in the online world.


I think you’re on the defensive, I did not see the post wrong, besides the ego does not hurt anyone.


burn it.


I am an old semi-pro myself with a 1100-90 record (still active), but trust me, even though you probably do deserve to be in a closed beta (if they do one - which i doubt they will since the playerbase is already low) for the effort and talent you put into the game, even if in the past - this bnet forum isn’t the same war3 forum as back in the day where people may have cheered you on :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s a pretty toxic battle.net now so i’d just try to push a campaign for yourself in your own stream or youtube community or something…might work a little better with positive people in your corner than a community here that hates each other.


Yea i know what you mean, probably there are so much toxic player feels like the whole League of Legends Community stranded in the Blizzard World. Ages ago you dont had this kind of toxic community. Everygame ended with a “gg”. Today games End like " !")==)(§$"=)/("=(/§(=)§"!)=(§?=)?=!)"§)?= " xD so much disrespect. As a Fan of metal music i would like to say “Gangster Rap” is the problem xD just kidding


This kind of “free speech” , wants me banned cause I’m not down on my knees worship him.
= toxic lolololol

I’d probably tell grubby the same thing , but too late , he already has a big player base. And is a great player RIGHT now.

And back in the day pro, so different. Back in the day Starcraft 2 master players = gold today… for example to.


Absolutely. This "pro"gamer is disrespecting the memory of old by calling you toxic (a newspeak word at that). In the past, it would’ve been completely normal to answer “pics or didn’t happen”.

I hate child abuse. I also hate children blaming themselves when it’s their parents that deserve hate and scorn. YOLO