No reforged mode

Hello, my freand gifted me w3 reforged like it says in email :slight_smile: But there is no reforged mode and i cant enable it in options it says you dont have reforged mod… I will appreciate if someone help me solve this problem.

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Where you logged in? And you are unable to toggle mid match, you can only do it on the main menu.

Im having the same problemm, pls help

I have such a problem
It says “Reforget mode unavailable, Warcraft 3 Reforget required”

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Same problem

Same exact problem, but for me, it’s only on one of my two computers. I have reforged which works perfectly (" ") on my little laptop, but not on my desktop. I had Warcraft 3 classic on both PCs. From the beginning I tried to modify directly from the text file but nothing worked.
(Also, before the compatibility patch, the editor crashed systematically, but now it works… with old models. ^^)