No Player Profiles

I have issue whenever I go “view profile” i hear sound of new tab opening,
but no profile view.
I can’t see anyone’s nor my profile.

please help me

edit: I use windows 11

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Nevermind… the profiles work on PTR.

what is PTR?

same problem here, i cannot see my profile, just hear the sound of it… what can we do?

If you are in a clan you can see your profile. You can make your own 1 person clan now, the 10 person requirement is gone. I recommend doing that until Blizz cleans up this bug.

DrClever PTR is our Public Test Realm version of the game, its used to test out future patches: Warcraft III: Reforged PTR - Version 1.35.0 - PTR Discussion and Bug Report - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums ( You can access it within the desktop app by going to the Warcraft III Reforged tab within → Above the play button use the drop down and select the Public Test Realm → Install if this version of the game works its likely a bug that will be fixed in a future update. You don’t have to use the PTR but if problems were to continue on the PTR for you it’s a good idea to bug report it.

Thank you.

Thank you. When I lowered FPS to be as my monitor, usually I have profiles working.
I will give a PTR a try anyway

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