No Collection progression


I can’t seem to get any progression on unlocking pictures for ladder. As there is no ladder yet, there is sadly little motivation for me to keep playing the game right now. Is there any fixes known to this?

Greetings, Bischa

Hey Bischa!

Which portrait are you not unlocking? Is it the Human 75 win one? Or can you not unlock any portraits?

I can not unluck any portraits

Hey, there is no progress on multiplayer protraits collection since yesterday…

I’ve been having this issue since day 1. I can’t receive a single icon from the collections. I do notice if I go onto Americas server I can receive them (I’m based in New York City). Yet I play on the Europe server and I can receive no icons. Can this be fixed?

I have the same problem, i cant seem to get and progression on unlocking pictures for ladder…

I have noticed that I’m lacking many wins on my account as well. Absolutely infuriating.

i have this same problem

It’s now removed from everyone’s profile I guess… The only question is, was that intentional?