Night elf should be nerfed!

Look at the current W3Champion player ranking, 40% of the top 50 players are Night Elf (jump from 34% of season 13 after you release the patch 1.35 to buff NE/DH), although many of them have much weaker micro/macro skill than players in other races.

Look at this Tep Cup 13 Semifinal between [NE] Moon vs LawLiet [NE]
In the 3rd game on Turtle Rock, Lawliet’s single DH + few archers creep three big red spots!!! It’s too ridiculous. None of other races can creep in that brainless and easy way.

In the 5th game, (1:16:04) Moon’s single hero DH is DEAD when creeping without disturbance. How silly it is! While the game still last another 30 mins. NE players like Colorful always make such silly mistake and the game is still playable for them. None of other races can afford such mistake.
If you watch another semi-final between Lyn (Orc) and Happy (UD), you can find how ugly the skill of these NE players are.

It reminds me in a recent match Fortitute (Top 1 Hum) vs Foggy (out of top 5 NE), in Game 3 although DH died twice at lvl 3 and lvl 4, NE still won the game.

NE is buffed too much and many NE players just win by this imbalance. The HP/attack damage/price of DH/ Orb of Venom/archers/druid of the claw/Spring Well should be nerfed!
Do something please developers.


Not agree ! UD should be nerfed !

No. alliance should be nerfed !

Show evidence not just cry. UD and Human are bottom races: only 16% out of top 50 mmr players.