New PTR is Now Available -- Version 1.32.9 Patch Notes Here

I didn’t mean go into detail on multiple things per blog post, I meant something like mentioning at the end “In our next blog we will talk about Clans” or “We are planning on bringing back other big features at the same time which we will talk about in our upcoming blogs” so players know that more is to come sooner. If all the big missing features are being added in the next big patch, that is absolutely something that players should know quickly, not drip fed to them over the course of a few or several months. They can still blog about the details of each feature one at a time.

Also it’s unnecessary to wait until all the features are ready before releasing any of them. You’re just making people wait that much longer for features that you could have already released. Ladder and Profiles go hand in hand but Clans and Custom Campaigns don’t depend on the other features. It’d be better to release them whenever they’re ready.

The reason why they want to release everything together is to have a sort of soft relaunch of the game to bring back players who left on the buggy launch. You have to remember that after all more players = more people to buy cosmetics.


It makes sense what you say. But for now they are only going to launch the scale. and with that it is not a re-release.
You have to have everything they promised to keep interest at a minimum.

I’ve made more progress than this on pet projects that nobody is paying me for. Are you kidding me? Spending more than a week on implementing something as basic as !@#$ing player profiles is laughable.

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Yeah maybe they will release a new campaign in a DLC and update all the rest with it. Or maybe I am a clown hoping for better


That sound logic

At this point you gotta wonder why they don’t just cut their loss and pour the resources into something that’s already making money.


While DLC for custom campaigns may be a long shot, supposedly they want to “reforge” or add additional features to them. For example trigger libraries for multiple maps, and maybe multiplayer like in SC2.

That shouldn’t stop them from releasing features as they are finished. They can heavily promote or have that “soft relaunch” whenever they feel the game is ready enough. I mean if the idea is to have a soft relaunch, then the game is like a PTR right now. Features are rolled out ahead of time to be “tested”, so they’ll be ready for the official release date or relaunch.

i think thats exactly what happened…


What a f scam this game has become wow. Literally given scraps… each time. While not really adressing this issues full on.


The 1.32.9 PTR has been updated with many new Unit Balance changes.


and you guys keep ruining the game by bringing in unwise patches?


Please, at least keep an eye on Asian contests/tournaments, HUM IS ALREADY INCREDIBLY STRONG!

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You just buff Human again. What a brave move!!!

Lmao is this how you reintroduce the crappy and annoying tank meta vs UD as HU?
Orc stomp is too much nerfed and so is the wisp detonate.
Humans tend to cry the most when they only play am and rifles and get countered by t3 units.


Sorry guys, but i have to say it. You cannot do normal balance patches. Really. Its objective. You are listening to players about balance? Seriously? Humans crying about DK aura, you nerf aura. Human crying about stomp. you nerf stomp. Human cry about wisp manaburn - you nerf wisp’s manaburn. What is in ur heads? Really? Answer.

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Every patch make human race more powerful. But they cry about brilliance aura nerf 5 patches in a row. Developers have to stop listening to community about balance because they dont know how to balance games. They are newbies in this kind of things. They didnt balance games at all in their whole life and developers listeting to them. So stupid situation.

They put a lot of work into this patch, but I feel UD got hit pretty hard and TC alone. I’ll start with the obvious but they nerfed Unholy aura at level 2. The 5 % movement speed is important, especially those with higher latency.

The arcane tower buffs only stacks against the skele that got hit with the nerf in the previous patches and every bit counts against HU expo. The Nerubian/Spirit Tower is a nerf big time. They only stood out because of the Crypt Lord rush, but in standard defenses, they’re easily destroyed, irgnored or offer mediocre defense and easily overwhelmed by armies. Keep in mind, these towers are very hard to build without blight, and the set up isn’t as easy as the other towers where they can claim expo. It only works as a fast strat naturally because of Crypt Lord.

TC stun was a nerf big time and almost random? Its stuns are only good in the situation that it is like most abilities, however, I’ve seen stuns do little damage and little impact particular vs. UD. TC already can take a fair bit of damage trying to get into positioning without invis. pot.

So what you’re saying is that we’re almost a year in and you guys still can’t add back in the “Features” that already existed in Warcraft 3 TFT before you removed them?

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Ok I’ll bite, that little buff on Destroyers is good. Still, how does nerfing the UD towers help? You speak of equality and bringing in line with other races yet UD towers need a blight, then a ziggurat then finally extra gold and time, while every other race can jump into tower defence 2020.

Wisps detonate nerf is overkill. Nerfing the mana drain to 35/40 is the easy route.

I think they should make the aoe size smaller. Make it more rewarding when you land them and make it easier for human and orc to split/escape.