New patch?

I was idle in the game and it prompted me to restart because there was an update. When i restarted and checked the patch notes its the same patch?

Anyone else get this?


New patch:


Aren’t you paid to communicate with players and their concerns?

What exactly is the point of your existence and your job here? You do nothing. You say nothing. You are literally the most worthless community master I’ve ever seen from any company. Half-handed apology months ago, and then no response to ANY player complaint.

You don’t deserve a job, dude. Go work at a gas station somewhere.3


In the end it is not Kaivax fault. He can only talk about, what the developers have decided to share with the public……………so dont be an asXXole just out of frustration. And since there does not seem to be much to share at the moment (this story is getting old so)….what is he suposed to communicate on his own? Even the number of the active developers (too few), that are currently working on Reforge….who is responsible for that? The anger is understandable…but the direction of protest should change more towards the ones, who made all those decisions in the first place.


He can communicate - do you honestly believe communication has always been this bad? No, don’t be a moron, which you are - look at other Blizzard forums; even dating back to 2008, GMs had great communication directly with players on WoW forums, sometimes Diablo forums, etc.

Hell we even have a famous game master specifically famous for engaging the community with his own opinions years and years ago.

Sorry, sycophant, but you don’t know what a COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVE is supposed to do. Can he control developers? No. Can he communicate with people? Yes.

Does he do that? No. Therefore he’s worthless, and deserves no job.


I can’t help but to agree. Even if you don’t have any news, you should still be communicating with the community as a Community Manager. If Blizzard won’t let you, then learn self respect and find a better company to work for.

Don’t be a sham.


I think he is not in charge of the forum. I think it is the programmer or Texter with more output to speak in the forum. Nothing more.

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brilliant moon… honestly if you were told to do this and your just following orders to get a paycheck there is a special place in hell for you…but if he wanted to actually help and build a community with good communication and call people out… and they would replace him with someone else with the exact same account so no one would ever know. in the end…blizzard needs to be the one to pull the trigger on that…but anyone who would take this job knowing that blizzard is trying to control its communication with paying customers you are just a bad person…tons of them out there just pick one…i just havent figured out what is in it for blizzard yet…i have speculations but all conspiracy for now

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Nice! Keep it up! :+1: