NEW LEAK!: Reforged Menu




Here’s the origin of the two screenshots


I like the opening screen.
But the other looks kinda unfinished and like something is missing


Well, it is the Beta… so…


I know. I hope it doesnt stay like this for the final version.


I don’t think so, this is the new battle net look they gave to Starcraft2, HotS and Diablo 3. The chat room is always hidden unless you click on it and it feels very unnatural. I always hated it and it just made me feel like not using them. It’s gonna look like this:


Basically, the second you click away the chatroom disappears. You won’t really be seeing people’s icons and levels anymore, making the rewards feel less satisfying IMO.

I really hoped they’d keep the classic wc3 chat room style, but apparantly not.


Well, they’re integrating it with the social system of Blizzard/ in general, so I didn’t expect them to keep the original system. Would’ve been nice… I loved that system… but it wasn’t realistic.


Here’s the thing the menu and everything else in the game will continue to be changed and modified with beneficial changes for at least the next 5 years.

So this game may look completely different in balance and UI down the road.


it does suggest that neither the night elves nor the undead is ready yet.


Seeing as I come from Drayen’s generation of gamer - i’d agree that the new SC2 format kind of destroyed the essence of community. And the very essence of community is the strongest factor that has kept warcraft 3 alive (in the west) for this long.

love it or hate it - this is probably the most underground, passionate community in any of blizzard’s franchises, except for maybe the diablo community. either way, taking something like that away would do more harm than good in the long run…and yes, the example about in-game rewards like icons and such would lose their flare over time…kinda like they did in sc2. Like…i remember trying to collect the cool icons in Wings of Liberty, then after they started adding esport caster/player icons to the game i really just felt like it was a circus.

I hope their focus won’t be on battle chests and an in game store and they do keep the we have now…but it’s just a lot easier to sell stuff with the Starcraft 2 bnet. It’s business people in suits and bowties in that building now. the days of Rpardo are gone. I remember not liking the way he balanced the game as a kid, and always seeing him as a not-so-great designer…and currently with this classic team - i couldn’t miss him more. TCadwell/RPardo, i miss you guys thanks for the masterpiece you created…for in a month everything is going to be gone!

#11 itself will likely not change but, that will likely be accessed through the custom button.


UI and functionality is different. Starcraft remaster kept the classic chatroom look while adding bnet v2 features such as crossrealm chat. They just wanted to modernize Wc3’s UI, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to fly very well with the classic playerbase of wc3.


I like this new menu.


it could still change before retail. it depends on what people think of it.


they could be under the impression that the current gamer is used to this type of community feature (in this case bnet 2.0) and that’s the model they just want to adopt and go forward with.

New players coming to the game would probably like classic bnet more but i don’t think that’s what we’re gonna get…

but let’s just hope they change stuff? That’s what beta is for right? We can hopefully have a loud voice when that time comes!