New german voice-over is absolutely horrible

I agree with OP. The german voice over is without any emotion. It sounds really bad and this will force me to use the English voiceover.


Okay, so this new voice over is horrible. Atleast make us choose between the new and older voice lines.


I dont know if I should be sad they are not going to make voices in my language or happy they wont completely butcher it …

So far it seems that people who did the original localizations actually tried to make it work, instead of just reading text in different languages …

majority of voice lines in my language completely outshine even the original w3 dub …

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You can switch between the old and new voices.

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source? or is this just speculation?


Here’s a list of all changes known so far and sources for them.

So Reforged is finally released? Or even having a live Beta?

If not then you cannot really comment on the VOs yet. Since they might be place holders while the translation companies are still working.

Yup. I will change the new WC3 voices into english.
I don´t like the new german voices :confused:
I want to hear dialects like: “Was Ihr wolle?” instead of “Was wollt Ihr?” (What do you want?)

And I don´t like the fact, that my human priests sound like Thrall or something like that :confused: (8:54 Human Gameplay - The first Voice “Ich komme um dieses Land zu läutern”)


That priest sounds like the speaker of the angel of Eternal Conflict in Hots.

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Uff those voices are horrible! What happened?!

Take the original voice files if this is your replacement. That’s an extremely poor job. All voices sound extremely bored and out of place. What is this? oO

I hope you change this.

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In the Starcraft: Remastered they gave us the option to choose between the old and new voices. So I have my hopes up that we will be given the same option in Reforged as well.

I am here to stress the point that you should really give the players the option to switch to the original voices. It’s not just nostalgia but also the fact that the new voices are lackluster.

The original post has already emphasised some shortcomings but I really have to say that I am even more disappointed by the Undead voice actors.

I will give you two examples to clarify my statement:
When the “old” Dark Ranger replied a second echoing voice accompanied every line to make her voice sound more haunting. The newer voice-acting however completly drops this effect which can only be explained by cheap or lazy production.

Another infamous example must be the Banshee:

The “old” Banshee replied every line in deep screams and considering the harsh nature of the German language she used to give me the creeps.

The new banshee however, seems to intent to put me to sleep.

Concluding my statement with those two examples (and there are many more) you can see that the new production is missing the vibe and the atmosphere of the old voice-acting. This is not only based on the fact that we all are nostalgic neckbeards but rather on the lack of effort put into the new voice lines.


This is a shame. I’ve completely switched over to English voices with my games because localization started becoming worse. That was around 2007/2008 when the HD gaming era began.

The only games I would still bother to play in German are Ubisoft games and WarCraft III.
Not every line could be translated properly because of the wordplay nature of some references (Mörserkampf anyone?) but it was effort put into it. And now this.

Oh well. Give is the option for the old voices at least, and I’m happy.

PS: Anyone here plays German WoW? How is the voice actor situation there? Did some of the WC3 actors made it? Is the quality ok?

It’s been stated during Blizzcon that a lot of planned content will be cut, such as re-writing the campaign and re-recording lines. When I listen to English beta games, they’re very much the original lines but simply re-mixed (stronger compression and loudness, for example). Is the same the case for the German version in the beta? Anybody have an idea?

I really hope they gonna work this over and not messing it up. ON StarCraft Remastered there is same Jim Raynor speaker but here he is missing one important sentence and he sounds like: "Okay bring this over so we can soon go home.

I’d have to throw more lumber into the fire as we say in Spanish since the new Spain-Spanish localization is considerably worse than the previous one which has a HUGE place in our hearts even in Latin America (where I’m from), since at that time Latin American Spanish wasn’t taken much into account for localization.

As for the actual and new Latin American Spanish localization, I can’t say it’s the worst but it still can be improved a LOT.

I’d really appreciate that if the voices are definitive, then we get to choose the old voice overs which are vastly superior right now. I don’t even get why remake some voice overs while the English one remains the same though.


Old German Voices are a masterpiece.
Please dont replace them with that new trash, give us an option to change to the new ones, but stay for the oldies.


Would be great if we could turn on the old voice-over… Russian is just terrible compared to old masterpiece T_T

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Just use English version and add a parameter -local XX to use your language fonts and English voices. Besides Chinese voices are shit too and Chinese fonts are overlapping in more than 2k resolution

Can we at least get a toggle to switch to the old dubbing?