New features for Wc3:Reforged


New features to expect:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration
    Create funny clips and post them to your feed live!

  • Chat disabled by default to avoid toxic people. Instead you can use funny emoticons or voice shoutouts like “Thumbs up!”, “Epic game bro!” and you can buy custom voice messages for those shoutouts in the blizzard™ shop.

  • Skins for your favorite heroes, only 29.99€ for Jaina skin to replace the human archmage, Arthas to replace the buttugly default paladin. You can buy victory poses for your favorite hero just like in Overwatch. When you win the game, your hero does the pose with an epic voice message.

  • Custom games membership fee: For only 3.99€ per monthy, you get to enjoy the legendary custom map scene with many great games. 30% of the fees generated go to your favorite map makers!

  • Buy a completely new campaign for only 5.99€, see the story of the high elves unfold in more detail as they battle the trolls and ultimately defend against Arthas’ undead invasion. Can you change fate?

  • Auto scaling ladder: To combat inequality with long time players vs. new gamers, we will have an automatic 15% handicap for cd keys that were in use before Reforged was announced.


The nightmare post…


Where’s the "Increase Jaina’s breasts size for 3.69 € " ???


I’d also love to see a progression system where you start melee games with +10g / level. Of course you can only get experience while you have stamina left. Reload your stamina bar in the blizzard shop for only 4.99$.


New feature:

  • Cross-game Pets

This is truly an exciting new feature: You will be able to take your pets from World of Warcraft to the next Warcraft title, Wc3: Reforged!
Your pet will spawn for any first hero you build and it can carry 2 items for you. Make sure to take care of your pet!


ok wtf is wrong with you


I would like to see all 3 classics remade in HD and available to play like the original starcraft. warcraft that is. would be cool if they could add it to the game menu even, like in battlefield. just a couple idea’s love the classics also would kinda be neat if they added xbox controller option :slight_smile: