Neterror_Defaulterror when I try to queue for matches.


NETERROR_DEFAULTERROR is the messsage I get when I try to que for any versus game via battlenet

So far 17ppl in chat with the same issue


I subscribe for this error.


Yeah, seems like matchmaking is down.


I have the same problem! I waited half an hour to find a game and suddenly the message appeared, now I can’t get in line (it comes out gray)

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You guys should be able to re-queue with no issues! Let me know if the problem persists.


This happened to me last night around 9pm EST. 13 hours ago

I was at the end of game Statistics screen and typing in chat. After a few minutes of chatting, I went to queue another game and got the NETERROR_DEFAULTERROR.

Restarted the game and it worked fine.


It’s back! First we got the issue with unable to join games even when it finds games for last ½hour and now it’s only Neterror_Defauterror spam.

Edit:Just now I got game after 5 minutes of searching, I think the system is probably having some serious hiccups.


Still have that problem

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What region are you playing in?


I am playing on east. Still have this error. feelsbadman


I’m having this issue - and I’m EU.


BUMP, having this same issue on NA. I’m connecting from New Zealand. NETERROR_DEFAULTERROR. I have to log in and out 4-5 times to get a proper search going. Also 1 out of every 5 games I randomlly get kicked during the game