More Playable Races?

So… I’m not gonna lie I expect to get some hate on this but whatever, what is everyone’s thoughts on adding new races to the current 4? I’m not asking for a whole new campaign (although it would be nice to see in a potential 3rd expansion/WC4) about them because I know that would take way too much effort especially with the time they have left but just adding a race like Naga which has already been remodeled and it like is already a legitimate playable race in 1 campaign mission which I have played over hundreds of times not going to lie. I just mean adding this race as a proper thing for custom games like 1v1, 2v2, etc, without having to go into the world editor to do so. I would love this to be a thing just to add some more to custom games which is what most people will be doing once we have all finished the campaign.


I don’t mind extra races in custom games, as long as ladder stays untouched.


I’m extremly for new races made by community and against races made by Blizzard. Balancing 4 different races is tought enough.


Ladder races are a real solid no-go. Blizzard already has enough on their hands anyway, especially with all the hate being thrown their way.

Any new races being made, they’ll be pretty much all done by the community.


Ok, as much as I’ve had fun theorycrafting new races. Can we stop making threads asking this question 2-3 times a day?

Please try and do a quick little search before posting a thread because this is starting to get ridiculous.


It really is but these kids just want to keep drawing attention to themselves every day which is making these forums such an unorganized and nonsensical landfill.

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i am developing new races for the game myself. blizzard could however add races but not balance them and instead make it so that players earns on ladder for winning against them but do not lose anything by losing to them.


andreasasp2. You and I both tried our best to make other races be officially be playable but Blizzard contacted me through a gamemaster, and they aren’t interested in “our” ideas, but instead they want to keep the classic feel of the four races intact while have a newish feel to it at the same time.

This is what a gamemaster from Blizzard told me below:

Hello MomoiroCrose,

This Game Master Jehxtona with Blizzard Entertainment. Thank you for taking the time to contact us about this.

We admire your love and passion for WarCraft III and the ideas that you have presented, however after reviewing the forum account we have determined that the appropriate actions were taken and this account will not have forum privileges restored at this time. You will need to allow the current suspension to end.

Please note that Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to suspend access to these forums at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, repeated failure to abide by the Community Code of Conduct.

While I can understand your passion and interest in improving WarCraft III, WarCraft III: Reforged is not about implementing new games, but instead about revisiting the classic game we all know and love.

WarCraft III: Reforged will have the ability to create custom games through an upgraded World Editor. This may be something of interest to you to try out once the game launches.

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you were clearly suspended for some reason. you might be so again since you posted stuff from a support ticket.

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Word is finally in, and the word is:
“Make it yourself for custom games. Don’t spam the forums.”

When the map is done, I’m sure people will be willing to playtest it.


Dear, MrDragon again… Even if I do put it in a custom game, Blizzard probably won’t even look at it to even care to implement the ideas officially. That’s just how it is… I mean, I tried presented the ideas here on the forum, and some topics about were taken down and deleted for “spamming” and “advertising” which is ridiculous. I’ll probably will not going to waste my time making a custom game of it even if I did had the game creating skills to do it almost anyways…

Not to mention very rarely there are any Blizzard blue posts almost anywhere here on the forums to even respond to almost any topic, never mind mine own topics which was about the Demon, Naga, and Corrupted races…

This conversation is over for me. Period.

Balancing 4 races is tough, don’t make me laugh. Total war warhammer has 15 races not 4 and they handled balance just fine.
Anyway they should just release wc3 reforged same as classic, then they should implement some dlc or the game will just die out.

Comparing total warhammer (a game I love btw) to warcraft is very much apples and oranges.
The combat of both games is completely different.

I do agree that I want new expansions or DLC though, but they should then get a new ladder to go with it so the TFT players can keep playing the game they love.


It was just a comparison, different games but if those guys can handle 15 races why can’t blizzard handle more than 4 (also CA has to balance both campaign and multiplayer, unlike wc3 ). Naga are almost viable for a 5th race, they just need a few more units and also to be nerfed a bit.

(shhh coop commanders)

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in the warhammer games: people do not try as hard to balance the races. the races are unbalanced.

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Not sure why you keep insisting on me stop posting. These are forums… Me having an idea and wanting to share it with people whether it is similar to others or not, is completely okay under guidelines.

I made a map with 8 races once. Original 4 and 4 new ones, though I never finished it completely as B-net had died down and it still needed number-tuning. Sadly can’t even open the map anymore since apparently it’s corrupted since the last patch. My point being, players will make custom races, and some of them will be exceptional in quality, and they will be for custom maps, potentially really popular ones.

I am not opposed to Blizzard making new ones, I just think they would screw it up is all.

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That’s not true, the game is pretty balanced. Every time they host a tournament a lot of races are picked. In fact on the last everchosen tournament (a few days ago) 14 out of 15 races where used.

I would at least like to have a Co Op Commanders like Mode where I could play as a Troll or Tauren focused army.