Models look amazing, but the animations are mostly "bad"


Don’t take it from me, go look at the side by side comparition of old and new animations. Many of them are objecively worse.

The attack animations for example, most if not all of them, look un-natural and with no weight in them. There’s no slowdown in the attack. Example, tauren auto attack.


There’s nothing “objective” about an opinion.

And there’s a reason for the attacks looking the way they do - cross-compatibility with Classic. The animations need to use the same frame count.


True, the animations need to match classic stuff sadly.


What do you mean “cross-compatibility with Classic” ? . I hope they will improve / rework attack animations since most of them look bad.


You’ll be able to play Reforged multiplayer with players who only have Classic Warcraft 3.

In order to do that, certain limitations have to be met. Including weapon swing animation frame counts.

And before you chime in with “Just keep them separate,” the answer is no. Blizzard already decided they don’t want to split the community like that.


It’s not yet even Beta


I’m aware of those liminations, but those limitations do not mean that the animations need to be bad. They are not bad for much of the old models.


After a source by VG24/7, Reforged is build after all on a new engine. If is that true, those mentioned limitations last year, now shouldn’t be a problem.


I agree, but I’m sure they are still tweaking them a lot, and I don’t think these leaks we’ve had are even the latest build that we are getting our hands on, once the Beta is officially released.

Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would they use all this time to build Reforged on the WC3 engine and then suddenly re-do all that work just to transfer it to a new game engine?


As long as they change groms 1 handed axe swing… ill be fine


you guys do realize that this is not the final version right?
and 3 hours ago they patched the game with extra 11GB.
this is barley the beta.
so stop complaining!!!


True, i hope the animations to match the classic action.


Only thing im 50/50 when it comes to his model is the swinging animation, it should look more menacing just like his model, with more force when he just swings that gorehowl and cuts heads off.
He has 2 animations from what i know just like his old model, but only one was only showed on leaked videos so far or just not showed long enough.


One cannot rule out that the animations are place holders seeing how the beta has not even been released yet…


A lot of spell FX, building anims and character anims look unfinished. They lack character, but as the graphics have improved I am sure so will the anims.

We still need a change on Paladins hair. Its still so bad, especially now seeing what options there are with the other Paladins.


I think the only nitpicking I could do about the animations is that there’s no particularly strong keyframing. There’s no real punch/snap to the stuff I’ve looked at (which admittedly isn’t everything, considering people getting the models running in old Warcraft 3 sans new Reforged graphical engine) and while the animations are very smooth, they’re too evenly paced?



I think you’re in denial. Pretty sure 95% of the animations we see are final.


They said at Blizzcon that animations are restricted to 20 frames as a limitation of the engine, and that they have to work with that.

Source: Pete Stillwell at Blizzcon '18


im a game dev myself and im pretty sure 2/3 of the animations in the game are NOT final. they didnt adjust any particle/effect attachment bones or timings yet. they didnt even properly size the models yet. there are lots of model, texture/alphamap and backface errors, as well as missing shader maps.

that leaked “beta” stuff is so raw, it makes gordon ramsay furious.


Although I can somewhat agree, I feel like making a post about a game’s animations before it’s even out, BEFORE EVEN IN A REAL BETA, is… stupid.