MMR is broken

A few weeks ago my MMR was randomly reset down to 3k. After climbing back up season 4 reset it again. After going 4-1 in the placement matches I was given 5k mmr. Now after winning 5 games in a row it seems like it is resetting to 5k every time and then adding the latest win.


Almost the same thing. There were no problems before new season. Now when WC3 is loaded I see “-1MMR”, “undefined” and “no rank”. After each game on ladder it also seems like “resetting to 5k every time and then adding the latest win” (or loss).


Same thing with me. Need a hot fix!


The leaderboards also don’t work


When is this getting fixed this is annoying i like to keep track of my records and get good matches

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I’ve switched to w3champions, ping has gotten awful on battlenet. Wasn’t sure if there would be enough US players but it seems ok and latency to Europe servers is still as good as bnet.

Blizzard should use w3champions as the default if they can’t handle building and maintaining their own platform.


This was suupposed to happen. That other reset was not. Dunno what happened back then, but seasons totally reset everything. It’s dumb but it’s design not a bug.

What do you mean? If I understand you right, you’re talking about new season reset mmr. It’s ok, it’s logical. But we’re talking about what happens after new season reset and after placement matches.

After normal reset I passed 5 placement matches, and after that when I enter WC3 I see “MMR -1” instead of normal value. If I try to find the game 1vs1 in multiplayer, the system thinks that I (and every other player) have 5k mmr. That’s noticeable from rating which is showed after the match is over. But anyway if I restart WC3 the mmr will be reset.

For example:

  1. I run WC3, it shows -1 mmr
  2. I play game 1vs1, let’s say I win and I get + 23 mmr
  3. Now it shows that I have 5023 mmr
  4. I restart WC3 and I see -1 mmr once again, and it’s looping

If we talk about real rating, I had about 4k mmr in season 3. In current season it doesn’t show the rating of players, but I can see their mmr in previous season. So I noticed that after the placement matches I faced players from 3400 mmr to 5600 mmr, which is disbalance. Because now the system of mmr assigns everyone the same start rating of 5k.

p.s. Sorry for possible grammar mistakes, I’m not native speaker.

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I had 5k mmr 10 times, ever its back to -1mmr and and its show 0Wins 0 loses, fix it.

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To be clear. That weird reset that happened weeks ago for many of us- that wasn’t supposed to happen. But you did mention stats resetting with the season. THAT is intended. Not the other part- That is a server error or some other ball drop or oversight on Blizzard’s part.

It shows your MMR as -1 when the client does not know what your MMR is, because the server isn’t talking or some other similar reason. This is “normal” - that is, any time your game doesn’t have your MMR data, it will display it as -1 as a placeholder. This isn’t something you should regularly see, but the game needs to display something whether it has the data or not, so that’s why you see this.

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