Menu is choppy/low fps

The menu of the game is not smooth. I play on a laptop and have tried forcing the GTX1660 run the game but with no positive result. I also tried running Blizzard Browser with the GTX1660 but still the menu is choppy.
Version 1.32.8

I have GTX 1660 Ti and i too have the same issue for a very loong time.

probalby never gonna get fixed in their paste

I have a old GTX 950 and i just try running the game with this and FULL SCREEN (NO FULL WINDOWS) and 720P, the menu runs perfectly but just HD, not full HD for me.

Considering the SC2 menu screens caps out at 60FPS (it looks choppy compared to in-game when running 144FPS on a 144hz monitor)…

The WC3 menu is probably 30FPS. It’s just how they designed it. Wouldn’t want the menu to make the rest of the trash-of-a-game look even worse, no?