May I ask why you play multiplayer?

I took a very long break from the game, reinstalled it and qued up for some 4vs4… First game, and orc player whose name you can’t pronounce, with our team 3 orc and me the NE. Instantly knows where my base is and starts harassing with bm… Sure could be luck or skill, though tend to doubt it.

With all the hackers, and reforge doing absolutely nothing about it, why do you all play the game unless you are hacking too? You are at such a massive disadvange, I’m just generally curious?

nice bait post

Hey Mimzy, Nathan here from Southpark! :rofl:
No hackers, just maps are the same, same starting positions, for ex. you can count 2 by 2 the gold mines so there you are :smiley: (or somebody’s base from your team).
I remember when I started reforged in 2020 for one week, I had also problems fighting versus BladeMaster as a human, but I learned to make asap 1x Arcane Tower between base and gold mine. As Night elf better, 3 moon wells + DH using manna burn, few archers in base and he will never approach you…

post evidence of hacking before making wild accusations lol. I see people complain about cheating all the time but the reality is it does not really happen much here. Watch replays and you will see people are not cheating

Rushes and such can happen because of logical deduction. Especially on 1v1 maps, you don’t really need to scout to locate your enemy (though it can still be a good idea so you can see what they’re building). but I’ve actually had people accuse me of cheating when rushing because I logically deduced which creep camp they’d go for first and caught them engaged with the creeps.

Most of the 1v1 maps only have two starting positions, so you really don’t need to spend time searching. I myself thumb down all the non-2-player maps in the 1v1 queue.