"Match found" - nothing happens

On 50% of multiplayer matches there the eye says “Match found!” but nothing happens, you have to close the game and reopen it and try again.

Any solution?


same, please Blizzard fix it.

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Same 80% for me

Same, now this happened to me times in a row, so I just turned off W3. Its unplayable like this!

This is core functionality, how the hell this bug could pass QA?

Same here, it is just annoying and makes me feel bad that I will stop playing this game because it makes just no sense to play…

Yea, this should be the FIRST thing fixed. Seeing this bug is such turn off like socks in bed. BLIZZARD WHY?! What’s interesting, my friend doesn’t have the issue on MacOS.

this happens to me nonstop. Sometimes 5 times in a row before I can join a match. In RT especially annoying because you get constant joinbugs, then once you don’t either your ally or your enemy has joinbug and it’s already game over. This should be HOTFIXED asap.

I love how blizzard isn’t responding to the two major game breaking bugs people are rightfully complaining about.
Yes, this is a thing I’m experiencing, there’s no way for players to get around it.

/push …when we get this answered?

did not you get an rts game?

How is this not solved or at the very least a “known issue” ???
I also get it about 50% of my matches…

Game is a hot mess. Have this occasionally happen. Tonight so far been about 7/8 of the games i’ve played i’ve gotten this. Sick of restarting the game as the more i restart it the less likely i am to play it again.
Too top it all off the one game i have gotten into so far i’ve had my graphics revert to classic mid game causing me to see nothing but shadows and particle effects - nothing else.

Same, 75% for me. It is so irritating.

HOLY COW, this is literally the most annoying glitch, I have to close and reopen the game. as if this is and acceptable finished project these days.

wait until you hit the glitch where you constantly get disconnected from battle.net while your multiplayer match is loading, which is also a hot topic bug that blizz has ALSO not responded to.

there is a 50% chance of getting a loss/win of a random race after this bug XD

Cause of this bug i win sometimes xD


Blizzard finally answered this.


With the patch we released on Monday, we fixed a bug that could cause this situation, so if it’s still happening, we’d like to get as much detail as we can to track it down. If you experience this again, please reply to this thread with an approximate time when it occurred, which game mode you were queued for, and which race you were queued as.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

I typed a similar reply in the Tech Support forum on the on-going thread there, but this happened to me 4x within 10 games on Monday (2/24) after the latest patch, roughly between 7pm-9pm central.

Game type was 2v2 AT, me and my ally had hu/orc selected, but received losses from all 4 Game Found bugs on different races, (I received 2x random, 1x elf, 1x hu loss from the 4)

Each time it happened it was a freshly opened client, so there was no leaving games or adjusting settings or any options. Just invited to queue, searches, game found, never loads = loss on randomly selected race.

Fairly confident at least 30% of games overall since launch have resulted in this game found bug and around 80% have been losses received, 20% wins, as i check each time on w3booster.

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