Lost user control while playing


Hey guys so i lost user control while playing ffa i wanted to change options so i tried to do that and instead i just lost user control could not click any unit or building but game continued to run.

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Hey there Weaver,

Do you have any more information. What were you doing when you went to change your options? What options did you change? What race were you building? What was happening in the game when you opened up options? All that info would be awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:


I know that if you press “alt+f4” and press “cancel” then control will return.



Same happened to me in 2v2.
Played as Orcs.
Wanted to access the “Menu” so I clicked on it. Nothing opened and the units were still harvesting and building but I had no cursor and could not perform any input other than to toggle health bars.

Hope this helps.


Hey Torelef
So i was playing FFA and i was talking to my friend in discord the game volume was to loud so i could not hear him so i wanted to lower the volume using the ingame options.

I was not doing anything out of the ordinary i was just managing my expansion :smiley:

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Hmmmm. Alright guys! Thanks you gave me at least SOME info to go off of :stuck_out_tongue:

If it does happen again, would you guys mind pinging the thread with as much info as you can provide?

Thanks guys!


please address the issue with this topic:

its as serious as this topic too.


Not sure if it’s related, but I noticed that hotkeys would sometimes stop working during the game, and I have to alt-tab out and back in to get them to work.


Does this sound familiar? It hasn’t happened to me in awhile but maybe same issue, different fix.


It blocks all hotkey, even the ones to train units in buildings.

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You guys rock!! With what you provided we were able to identify a cause to this issue. As a work around I heavily recommend not alt tabbing out once you’re in queue. I’m going to be updating the known issues list today with this issue to hopefully prevent further issues. Thanks a ton everyone ! <3

Found Match, but not getting in
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This issue specifically was clicking “dead space” in the place where your unit icons would appear would cause your keyboard to lose focus of the game. That’s why hotkeys would stop working, that has been fixed though!


Yay! A win!