Lost 1000mr overnight

Logged out last night at 6011 mmr. Logged in this evening with 5011 mmr.
Seriously? I have fun when I get to test myself against players with SIMILAR skill levels…

You should use W3Champions. It’s a far more developed experience.

They should just fix the game. No one should be expected to use mods just to be able to play.

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I agree, however since 2020 that has not been the case. Perhaps there will be meaningful updates next year.

Update: switched to w3champions. Much more competitive, leaderboards actually update, clans, chat channels, updated map pools. Im playing on a mac and the experience is great. I’ll see you there brothers.

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You won’t see me there, as I’m not a pro level player. I tried it once. w3 “Champions” is right, I lost game after game there until my rating was too low to match to anyone- W3C is heavily skewed towards the most elite of the playerbase. I’ve said it many times before, the name itself is a problem for the mod, it turns lower tier players off from it. The ones that do just find themselves up against pro players and get thrashed, and then they don’t come back.

Also, W3C doesn’t offer 3v3, so if you like that you’re SOL.

The one thing I DO use it for is the custom game ladders, which is kinda neat. The ladder may get fixed, but I doubt they’ll ever have official custom game ladders.

But it’s as I said. Players shouldn’t have to rely on or resort to external systems via mods. When they play a game, it should just work within reasonable tolerances.

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Blizzard just resolved my ticket. " we are not able to change, edit, reduce, improve, or reset MMR ratings for any of our games. This is simply not a service we’ve every provided I’m afraid."
Than why were 1000mmr points deducted off my account and why am I now forced to grind 100s of games against scrubs to get back to a point that I can play against folks that are at my skill level.
What an effing joke.

They didn’t remove MMR points from your game/account. Maybe there was a bug, sure. But there wasn’t a blizzard employee who went in there, decided, “im going to lower this guy’s MMR by 1000 for the lulz.” But they clearly stated their policy that states that they won’t modify your MMR for any reason, including bugs.
And it’s true that applies across all games. They won’t and can’t restore your hardcore character in Diablo II that died when their servers were getting DDOS’d either, even though that’s not your fault (well, mostly- if you saw things getting laggy it would be smart to log off). In other words, the only option you have is to pressure them to fix the bug that caused the problem.

I say this because it honestly sounds like your support ticket read, “I want my 1000 MMR back.” Which they won’t do in ANY game, much less warcraft III for any reason, ever, period.

Dang Jack your a god damn genius!

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