Looks like theres hardly any female representation. really lame


Before or after the orcs, magic, necromancy, demons, immortal purple elves, talking bear people, and portals to other worlds?


All those things exist in the lord of the rings and that doesn’t take away the fact is supposed to depict medieval times… You know… Middle earth?..
Sometimes you want to sound smart without noticing you come out as mentally challenged kid… You just try too hard. I feel kinda sad for you.

" The continent of Kalimdor was introduced in *[Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos] and is made up of 18 zones. Whereas the Eastern Kingdoms can be described as the equivalent of medieval Europe, with traditional kingdoms and advanced cities, Kalimdor can be compared to the Americas at the time of the first arrivals of Europeans, full of wild lands."

Instead of wandering the forums you should go to school so maybe you learn how to make a comment without sounding like there’s some problems with your chromosomes maybe you have an extra pair there.


At least I don’t go for insults and personal attacks though when someone makes a point I don’t like.

Lord of the Rings is also a fantasy setting too, by the way.


You have a warrior women race and you say we don’t have women reprezentation? Seriously? Also, armies are made of men because men are far better at it and women are the ones that can have babies… If you have an army made of men vs one made of women in real life, medieval setting, men would decimate them. After that you don’t even have how to repopulate since the bottleneck come from the number of women you have.
PS. Do you know how women are showed as prefering bows? That would be a bad choice for them since strenght plays an important part in it. Men have more of that.


It’s a good thing Warcraft is a high fantasy setting and not real life or even that medieval of a setting.


And you have female magic users, female heroes and an entire female warrior race. What’s the problem exactly? Also this is a medieval setting, they just added magic, guns, lasers and so on to it.
The op asked if we know that women can carry rocks, swing swords etc. My point was that men can do those things better and can’t have babies so an army made of men makes perfect sense. Reprezentation shoul not come at the detriment of the story, setting, logic etc.


So it’s not a medieval setting then with those having a presence then.

Do we know this is the case in universe, though? I’m interested in any lore sources you can cite for this.


Except that Warcraft lore is more inclusive than our oppressive history.
Which FYI, according to new archaeological evidence, includes female viking warriors.

Anyway, why are people pretending somebody is asking for all the men to be replaced with women.
Asking for a few additional female units or heroes in the non-NE factions is perfectly reasonable.

More importantly, we know that Blizzard is adding some.


I just want to see female/male version of units like a Female Tauren because it’d be pretty cool.

Troll Headhunter is one of my favorite units. A female version might look pretty cool. But also; it’d mean Trolls and Tauren would (sort of) have more units.


Although I don’t like them changing the original game they have already done this and made the first female Satyr of warcraft 3.


And as seemingly a direct homage to the Hearthstone card Witchwood Piper.
You’d think WoW would have been the first to do a female satyr but it was Hearthstone that fixed that.
It always bothers me when we never see the ‘other sex’ of any new species in WoW.
I’m still annoyed by the lack of female ogres, despite the fact that they canonically do exist. Now that is what for me ruins the suspension of disbelief.
Where are all the females of species X or Y if they clearly are humanoids with humanoid sexual dimorphism.

Things like Nerubians we can’t tell the difference because they lack humanoid sexual dimorphism but for any humanoid species with a familiar anatomy I just want a few token female specimens to add some variety to the mix of male units.
I’m not asking for a majority, or even half-half, but surely one or two per species is more than reasonable.


Citation needed.
Like, I do see the resemblance but straight up claiming that it’s a direct homage to it seems heavyhanded.


Fair enough, I have amended my statement.


This isn’t about social justice, at least not for me, this is about aesthetics and narrative cohesion for me.
I love WC3, it’s still my favourite video game of all time. But that didn’t mean it was perfect and the lack of any female trolls, orcs, ogres, tauren etc, bothered me then and still bothers me now.
So I’m thrilled Blizzard is adding some female models.
There is no hard evidence yet to suggest anything is being full on replaced (besides a single satyr and a few centaurs).

The “social justice” aspect is just gravy to make the game more inclusive which shouldn’t be offensive to anybody.
Shocker: women play games too and maybe like that being acknowledged.


Fam, This game is a remake of an old game set in a time period before ours so ofcourse there will be barely any women fighting as it has been that way for centuries in our civilization if you go back in time to the medieval era and going around like OMG YOU MEN! LET WOMEN FIGHT, they would burn you on the stake or even stone you. Women have geneticly less muscle mass than a man so in meele combat a woman would lose 1/4 fight against a man. Its just illogical to see a woman wearing heavy plate carrying a sword.


Yes we know women play games too, but you have to look at it logicaly and realistically. Back in the terrible ol Dark ages women diden’t fight nor should they in a game set in the same kind of period in a difrent world, Ofcourse exeptions made to Orcs and troll as its well known in their culture that all sexes are warriors but Dwarves, Humans diden’t. and Elven Faction is enterly female exept for two units. Undead can have some females yes as they weren’t realy picky with who they resurected but the humens were kinda strict in lordaeron.


2 points:

  1. Recent real life archeological evidence suggests female warriors were far more common than we thought.
  2. WoW is a fantasy universe with a history of female warriors of all races with no explicit historical mention of sex-based military segregation outside of Night Elf sentinels being all women.

Stop trotting out: “But in real life-” when it has no bearing on a universe full of orcs, dragons, animate skeletons and high fantasy staples.
The Warcraft Chronicle, Blizzard’s own end-all arguments bible to the wacraft universe doesn’t support a male-only military for any faction.


Forgot that there is a near full female faction. Night Elves. But there should be a few more female Skins added to Undead like 1/2 or 1/3 Zombies is a Female zombie ect But Humans Should stay as they are Orc’s Could allso use a 1/3 grunts is a female as its know in orc culture that females do fight. (same for Troll hunter ect)


Actually I explicitly mentioned it in point 2.

And while I disagree with you on the humans, I’m not too bothered by that because at least we have some female humans in game.

I’m more concerned with the Orcs, Trolls, Tauren etc.


Pretending those two arguments are related is intellectually dishonest.
Heck it’s even helps me because it destroys the argument of historical accuracy mattering and yet only reinforces my argument of the fantasy mattering.
The fantasy that Blizzard outlines is more inclusive than what you for some mysterious reason want.

And I have bad news for you: Female Deathknights and Female Demonhunters are already confirmed.