Looks like theres hardly any female representation. really lame


we need peasant worker females and bandits too not only pretty names and classes


Yeah you are right, we actually need some more female heroes that the more they level the more they get naked, as like many jappa mmos/fantasy games. Great addiction I would say.


This entire thread premise is bait. Flag and move on.


looks like theres hardly any Combat Toaster representation. really lame. apparently people think Combat Toasters cant carry rocks, use a gun, or chop down trees. yikes. what year is it? or hold swords. im shocked. Going through a ton of character models and gameplay thats been leaked, and hardly seeing any Combat Toasters .
this may be a shock to some of you, but Combat Toasters know what swords, sacks, and axes do. They know how to use them. Combat Toasters get muscular too.
I really hope that this is only because they havnt made the models yet
As a proud representer of Combat Toasters I’m offended


Combat Toasters are hot, but they should stay in the kitchen, where they belong.

Where else would you make toast?


Then we need kitchen representation to fit Battle Toasters


While the battle toaster gags are extremely funny, well they made me chuckle at least, they do miss the point.
Toasters don’t play video games. (Yet)
Women do.
I don’t see any harm in more pretty (and some not so pretty) ladies in game.


This must be a bait or a troll
Blizzard has added a lot more previusly missing female charachters into wc3 Reforged
Satyrs, Centaurns, Deathknight, Demon Hunter, Zombies
Come on now


They coul’d be a dishwasher joke, but I consider that this time it can be really rude at some point


Blizzard had already said that there would be female versions of a lot of the units. Perhaps we just haven’t datamined them yet? But I know for sure that sometime between last Blizzcon and now they stated that would be a thing.


Males and females are equal. Therefore, having male characters=having female characters.


Please tell me you are joking…


Hardly any female representation
=> The night elves ground forces is only made of women.

Yeah, sure


Looks like OP’s never heard of the f*cking night elf faction before.


wHy ArE ThErE nO BlAcK HuMaNs oR AsIan NatIoNaLitiEs! ThIs iS RacIst! GivE mE mY bLacK HelIcopTeR, TraNsgEndeR fOoTmaN tHaT shOOtS LaZorS!


I don’t think you posted enough hyperbole.


i really hope for your sake that you are joking


It’s always funny when people who didn’t actually played or will play this amazing RTS game start trying to be clever.
“cant carry rocks, use a gun, or chop down trees. yikes. what year is it? or hold swords.”
Night Elf race from WC3 has really A LOT battle units and 2 heroes who are women actually. Oh sorry you even didn’t played it so you don’t know. You can proceed with sticking your nose into other people’s business.


We need to stop commenting on this post (hypocrite i know, i know) they are obviously just trolling, no need to give them the attention they want.


I’m hoping this is a troll post… Which I guess it is for the tone… But if it isn’t
Here’s what you should know… Warcraft 3 is supposed to be a medieval kind of game.
This maybe a shock to you, but women didn’t do much during those times… Because they were more important to keep alive, than throwing them into a death battle.

Don’t worry, if you are looking for represention… Night elves are coming, a race from which the infantry is only composed of women.
Something no other rts has done… So you are welcomed.
Pd:it’s funny how you don’t see this kind of post in games like age of empires.