Looks like theres hardly any female representation. really lame


I will never understand peoples weird power fantasy of trying to insert themselves into video games.


Wolf in Virtua Fighter was pretty cool.


I’m just talking about equality.


We know there’s a female DK and DH coming thanks to player portraits, likely with male counterparts.
I’m guessing we’ll also have female BMs, Palas, Archmages, Farseers etc but those aren’t in the preview build.


This is bait.


It’s already pretty darned equal.

Despite the fact that it draws heavily from historical norms.

In the campaign especially.
Where a solid chunk of the main cast are women.
Not just women but women in positions of power.
Tyrande is the high priestess and commander of pretty much her entire race.
Sylvanas was the ranger general of quel’thalas and eventual banshee queen of the forsaken.
And Jaina is a prodigal mage that leads her people out of the zombie apocalypse from hell.


Not actually relevant considering the lore.

Beyond that though, you have a point but there’s nothing wrong with adding extra models for female variations of heroes for example, to make it a little bit less of a sausage fest in melee.
(unless you’re playing NE, in which case it’s mostly tuna sandwiches for everything that isn’t a beast or wears a dress and can turn into a beast. But sex-based caste segregation is part of their lore.)

Speaking as a guy, I’d love more ladies among the troops, even if they aren’t sex-bombs.


Well, the lore will have little bearing on melee matches and the like.

Remember, we’ve got Cataclysm Thrall, Legion Cenarius, Battle For Azeroth Jaina, and completely alternate universe Arthas as hero swaps.

So for example, I know lots of people think a male Priest of the Moon would be too far-fetched. I know Tauren Chieftain even is one that came up. But they aren’t really that “out there” in terms of coming to fruition.

Also, more models means more assets for mapmakers.


More than any historical norms from our world. Which is kind of the point I suppose for the exact reasons you’re listing.

And I think we can all agree more assets for mapmakers is only a good thing.

To be clear my stance is:
10/10 add more models for female units and heroes in general.
(Looks like they are doing this for faction units in melee matches.)

5.5/10 Replace some existing models of male units with female ones.
(Thankfully isn’t happening though I personally am neutral on it.)

1/10 Excessively replace units/heroes with female versions in some desperate attempt to virtue signal and please the extreme minority of rabid feminazies. (For the record, actual egalitarian feminists don’t hate men.)

They have replaced a few neutral creeps with female versions, like the Satyr Trickster. But considering this is 1 of 7, I feel they didn’t go far enough, I think they could have gone 2-3 of the 7 new satyr models.
Likewise they replaced 2… maybe 3 of the centaur creeps with female versions.
I think those are the only instances I’ve found of replacing.

Maybe with some of the high elf units but they’re elves so you can’t tell anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


FootWoman please! :joy:

BTW if we look at icons from leaked beta - there is woman variants units (death-knight as example). So, i think, there will be skins for all players wishes)


Its just realistic. Wc3 is baced on ancient times when women didn really know how to fight and were on shelters more.


Except for that it isn’t… it’s a fantasy world that has thousands of years of history of female warriors. Like the entire night elf species, trolls never had any sex-based warrior segregation as far as we can tell, orcs don’t, dwarves don’t…
With humans it’s never made explicit anywhere in the lore and we only have the games to rely on.

Our universe does have these conventions, but Warcraft doesn’t seem to have it, and in same cases explicitly doesn’t even.


I just flagged this sh1t. Can’t stand this extremism anymore.


Well the female troll head hunter model is really cool, i hope we get that.
Or a female orc peon. :slight_smile: hehe


i liked for that last sentence


classic fantasy literature rarely admits strong female charachters.
read ur books son.


I do but that is entirely irrelevant.
I’m talking specifically about Warcraft’s lore.
What other authors write or have written is entirely immaterial.

Strawmanning me as somebody who doesn’t read doesn’t help your argument either, it weakens it.
I read a lot, including, almost all the Warcraft novels.
And calling me “son” when you have no idea of my age is also presumptuous.
The insubstantial nature of your argument might lead people to believe you’re the “son” here.


Dont be too serious, calling ur son is just a quick innocent slurp.

And also war3 was not so perfectly related to custom world lore, it was more like mix of old tales where they took references ect.


Except, while derivative, Warcraft 3’s manual does have elaborate backstory.
Then there’s the fact that reforged is being brought in line to reflect the lore as is represented in the Warcraft Chronicle, Blizzard’s own in-house ‘bible’ on warcraft’s story.

So, yes, it is perfectly related to a custom world’s lore.


DiD yOu jUsT asSuMe tHeIr gEnDeR?! wHaT YeAr dO YoU ThInK wE lIvE iN?!