Looks like theres hardly any female representation. really lame


looks like theres hardly any female representation. really lame. apparently people think woman cant carry rocks, use a gun, or chop down trees. yikes. what year is it? or hold swords. im shocked. Going through a ton of character models and gameplay thats been leaked, and hardly seeing any females.
this may be a shock to some of you, but females know what swords, sacks, and axes do. They know how to use them. Females get muscular too.
I really hope that this is only because they havnt made the models yet

EDIT : “The strongest woman is about as strong as an average strength man.” thats incorrect. Woman can get incredibly strong. although not as strong as a man can get in a lifetime.
https://youtu.be/T-niN9zdyOw - worlds strongest woman’s competition

So ima clarify what I want and what i was exactly thinking. Basically that for the purpose of war woman and men can fight on the same battlefield equally. It takes woman a lot longer to gain muscle mass though due to the lack of testosterone. Which would ofc be their only downfall. There are no reproductive restrictions in current time, nor is WoW a history lesson… I wouldn’t expect a ton of woman doing the rock lifting, tree chopping, and etc, due to the amount of devotion they would need to be on par with men physically. That wouldn’t hold quite a few woman back anyway. I would however expect a fair % being represented. It’s just that woman can be just as good at carrying rocks as a guy, so it doesn’t make any sense that there were not any females carrying rocks, or chopping down trees in the footage that I saw. Realistically an extremely devoted female will beat a very devoted male in a sword fight. To clarify if a male spent 1000 hours training for swordsmanship they would be better than a female who spend the same amount of time only because of the muscles. A female whose spent 1000 hours will beat a male whose spent 500 hours. Hypothetically. It’s a very weird sight to see only males chopping trees down. It’s just not realistic. I want skins for every gender for every race for every unit with a particular skill; sword using, rock gathering, tree chopping, heavy plate armor tank, bow user, and etc.


I still would be interested in more (than we’ve seen) hero swaps. Both ways.


Why is this a “shock” to you? This is a remake of an old game. It’s being remastered and enhanced. If it was a completely brand new game maybe it might be a “shock” but not for a game being remastered.


I would like to see some female/male skins for certain units and heroes.

Female Troll Witch Doctor might look cool.


Oh wow, these people are still here?

I mean, it was funny the first time I saw people here last year complaining about lack of “representation” but now it’s just a rehash.


Can we please make arthas a transgender femal please? I also think malfurion should be a lesbian, instead of a cis purple straight male.

ALSO footMEN??? gross, how bout footpeople please.


How do you know they’re not transgender or intersex?


Wait did lcky7 really just assume the gender of all the reveals? Wow.


He is totally so gendernazy, wont let the poor units identify their sex by themselves!


I think blizzard lost all right to force “pc” or whatever the hell after the china ordeal.

PS: I know this guy is trolling, but still lol


Whether we get more female or male versions or not; I’m hoping we get more Trolls, Tauren and Goblins.

It’d be cool if like the Elves; the Trolls and Tauren get their own workers and buildings. Just a few.


i did because of their physical attributes, and lack there of. If a unit that looked like a guy considered themselves female in lore, id call her a female, and vice versa. Although I also realize that not all females look feminine, and not all males look masculine. (I think if i could remake the post it would be like this. looks like theres hardly any feminine representation. really lame. apparently people think feminine characters cant carry rocks, use a gun, or chop down trees. yikes. what year is it? or hold swords. im shocked. Going through a ton of character models and gameplay thats been leaked, and hardly seeing any feminine representation
this may be a shock to some of you, but feminine characters know what swords, sacks, and axes do. They know how to use them. Feminine people can get muscular too.
I really hope that this is only because they havnt made the models yet)


For the love of…
Whelp since we’re doing this, might as well do it right.

Yes thank you for condescension , women know how to swing axes and YES they are every single bit as competent as men in combat BUT you’re forgetting some things.

The alliance has it’s roots deep in classic fantasy witch in turn draws heavily from actual history.
Historically speaking, examples of women that fought and worked with men as equals (they DID exist!) were seen as the exception rather than the rule.
They were always seen as an extreme rarity and in some cases as either a shock or subject of ridicule and heavy persecution.
As such it would stand to reason that there would be significantly less women in the armed forces of the alliance (unless you follow that wishy-washy nonsense in wow where nearly anybody can be nearly anything because reasons. case in point tauren paladins…).

The scourge are a twisted and perverse mirror of this, a horror story of apocalyptic proportions.

Now as for the horde it draws much much more heavily from various historical tribes (Native Americans, Islanders, savages, etc.) and within said tribes women and men had vastly different roles heavily rooted in tradition and necessity.

Hey I get it it’s a fantasy game right? why bother with all of this historical stuff?
well, it’s because fantasy is nothing without some degree of reality and the closer you blur those two lines the better it becomes.

Now you’re just acting ungrateful, there’s an entire faction that revolves around female warriors that ride freaking saber tooth panthers! (extra badass in my opinion)
The night elves are mostly female, women do the bulk of the fighting and the dying while men act more as casters and support units.

And IF you want to whine about the campaign, I will fight you.
As it features a slew of strong women including Jaina, Tyrande, Shandris, Maiev, Sylvanas, Naisha and freaking Lady Vashj !


Look I totally get it. It’s just that woman can do just as good a job at swinging an axe to chop down a tree as a man, and vice versa. I just think we shouldnt bring this dark area of history back. This particular dark area of history being the time with which the majority of people believed that women were not capable, and at the same time believed that men were better and worth more.


Nobody should ever bring it back but changing the past to how you like it is wrong.

The women of the past suffered.
And forgetting or otherwise ignoring that makes their suffering pointless.
which is the highest insult you can pay them at best or just plain cruel at worst.


The thing is, is that that, to my knowledge, this game isn’t actually based off the human history, nor is it taking place in the past. To my knowledge wow has it’s own set of lore. And to be honest if it isn’t that way in wow now, then the people in the wow lore should start a revolution for equality between all genders.
Forgive me if i’m wrong about the wow lore


Lol what? We payed for this game for a remake not whatever your talking about.


just flag this post and be on our way. We wanna keep “whatever hes talking about” far away from this game.


you are very wrong but not completely, I suppose it can’t be helped.

in the lore there never was a revolution, no fight, none of that really.
once world of warcraft hit it was just equality for all and that was it.

And yes wc3 does have it’s own lore that is not based of of actual history.

It has roots in classic fantasy which in turn has it’s roots in actual history.
A point that I have already made an- wait a minute, You have actually played warcraft 3 right?
You’re not just one of those people that goes into gaming forums to push their beliefs on to people that just want to enjoy their game right?


Devil’s advocate for a second. Someone wanting representation isn’t really pushing a belief.

It took until Street Fighter 5 to get a playable Canadian for myself, as an example.