Looks like no patches until release boys. Get hyped!

Looks like no patches until release boys. Get hyped!
I don’t think that they will release any patches next week so don’t expect them.


Pete was Seen 14 hours i got hyped and then not…

aggressive patching tho


Just wait little. Some aggressive patching is on way.


Aggressive patching after release


Normaly i try to stay neutral or trying to defend blizz, but atm iam very concerned.

Since the announcement of aggressive patching we only saw 1 patch and this made a lot of things even worse.

I though that we might see a big patch this week but as far i know blizz dont patch on Saturday or Sunday. So we have next week for huge bug fixes which can cause even more Bugs.

If i were in the position i would delay reforged to the end of 2020.

But maybe they suprise us soon. But i lose my hope atm.


“we expect to patch aggressively” means that they will never patch aggresively


I leave for two days for a break hoping just hoping Blizz would keep there word on aggressively patching but since they gave us that word we get one patch, wtf blizz, I come back and nothing, wtf blizz, one week, left until release, wtf blizz, that all I can say is wtf, your dropping the ball.

nah, not everyone can be rich or even have a decent paying 9-5 full-time job. And if he’s got some form of income already, it’s not like working 2-3 part-time jobs is somehow going to “give him a life.” He should just enjoy chilling and doing whatever he likes to do with his time.

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But was it really Pete when he said aggressive patching or was he drunk?

Excuse kind sir, why don’t you have some compassion, or are you one of those kids who have no life living in there mother’s basements living off there parents. I may be home on ssdi watching twitch 3-4 hrs a day but i’m in my 50’s I worked 25 yrs in the worked force, paid my taxes and I earned my disability checks so if I were you go blow it.

I bet he meant it but there’s so much work to be done , they simply can not do it in time, and ‘‘there would be bugs’’ its unreal to fix everything in 1 week. ( OMG they are literally 3 people in the team including Pete…how crazy is that, no lead artist (Brian is gone))

wtf guys aggresive mean when they post the thing they do the thing aggresive… nothing more

Patch has come. :sweat_smile:


Should be ready now for the release. Gonna test it.

Well they did it.

I was genuily suprised when i woke up and saw the patch.

Well lets see if they patch more next week.

-14 hrs later patch rolls out…

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Best thing from the patch:
Menus are fluid as olive oil. Good job :wink:

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Oh god yes! they are so smooth now! It was driving me INSANE!