Loading screen goes black after loading completes

As of patch, loading times are much faster, however, my screen goes black while waiting for the other players to load. After all players load, the game starts as normal.

Playing with classic assets enabled.

Intel i7-7700HQ


I have the same problem, but I thought that my game is bugged so I just Alt+F4 from the game :persevere:

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Same bug here when using classic version (on Reforged Beta). Have the issue 10% of the time when using Reforged Standard version.

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I have this too, screen went black when game was found. Got in to game and one of my teammates didn’t have their name showing up when he used chat. After the game ended screen immediately went back to black.

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Thanks for the reports guys! I updated the known issues list with what i’ve been able to reproduce myself. My findings are that people playing in Classic mode will experience the black screen while the rest of the people are finishing loading in. As a side note, i can confirm that the game will not start until you are able to see your units, so don’t think your opponent got a head start! :slight_smile: