Litany of issues still unresolved; basic gameplay functions

Hi! I have just started the sentinels campaign and the shift key to select additional units decided to opt out of working! Oh yeah, and I still get an error message whenever I don’t let blizzard spy on me, I mean “share valuable gameplay data” when I try to play offline. It grays the offline button saying “there’s an unresolved issue” so I have to start the game, then minimize it, and turn off my wifi, and that’s the only way I can continuously play the campaign mode. So, those are the basic, super basic, shouldn’t be a problem if I bought a CD back in 1999 from Blizzard, they would have fixed this then. Lastly, the update loop, should have been resolved the first time I brought it up months ago, it’s called, take the update out of the loop…

  1. can’t use shift key to select additional units
  2. offline gameplay decides when it wants to be offline, as in blizzard is still trying to fight the user for control over playing offline, or this wouldn’t be an issue. Blizzard, get the fk over it, nobody wants to be online giving you all of our gameplay styles and data you weirdos.
  3. every time I try to play the game, it says there’s an update.