List of Night elf visual bugs

  1. Entangled gold mine - visual bug -> looks like it is always full of wisps even when empty
  2. bear form of Druid - > Shrinks when going in to bear form
  3. Auto-cast of Druid of talon for faerie fire is hardly visible
  4. rejuvination -> Animation is barely visible, HoT looks like priest heal as opposed to distinct visual effect
  5. Farie Dragon cocoon form -> does not get the same visual effect as in original, just normal Dragon form but shriveled in to ball
  6. Chimera -> projectile for corossive breath appears to come from a bit of a distance infront of the chimera as opposed to the chimera itself
  7. Moon well - they look like they are always full, even when they have no mana. If i recall correctly, the moon juice disappears visually in original, does not do so in here.


agree i have seen this too :slight_smile:


Lol do they have a problem animating water or something because it feels like all the water stuff are bugged (water falls, water elementals the running water effect on fountains).


I would also add that the druid of the talon crow form is small as well. In any case, great job dev team!

(Torelef) #5

Thanks for the report! While all these are not on the Known Issues List (some are) they are actually all known issues for us!

Hope you guys are enjoying Night Elf so far!


Another issue is with the destruction of Ancient Protectors. After the death animation is finished for one second a motionless Ancient Protector appears in its place while the animation is in its last second, overlaping the animation, then it disappears when the animation finished.


nightelf looks stunning overall.

the autocast toggle on searing arrow is barely visible aswell.

wisps trigger the transparency effect for occluded objects when attached to trees, which makes them less visible.


The Icon border that rotates and notify that ability is visible is not visible either. Doesn’t matter if its heal(autocast) Frost armor(autocast) or any other with an autocast order


Dh’s just have 1 ataque animation .


And the Whirlwind from Druis of Talons are missing a Animation.
The Animation comes up and then seems stuck.

AoW and Tree of Life also miss sometimes animations for eating a Tree



The rejuvenation animation looks fine on most units, it’s only not working for the Priestess of The Moon and Demon Hunter Hero’s specifically from my testing so far.


NE looks great. Yes to Bliz list list. My feedback.
Autocast in general for NE doesn’t appear obvious. Not just Faerie fire.
Whirlwind on heros stops too soon. Hero still stunned but no animation. Few units I’ve seen it lasts entire duration.
Whirlwind in general is just way too big IMO. Entire battle is hidden after ~5+ casts. Too distracting.
DH bit on small size IMO.
Agree w/ Gatovalero that talon crow form is bit small.

Also recommend a 2nd pass at UD buildings (color, details, sizes, less glow). NE vs UD buildings is no comparison IMO. NE buildings just look awesome.


Also Moon Wells, healing auto-cast is not showed visualy active. When you activate auto-cast it does not have that golden cricle animation like it used to has in old w3.


Those auto-cast animations do not seem to be initialized properly, they start working if you use auto-cast on a unit, that already has the animation working (I have noticed this when I took Dark Ranger from the tavern) gonna test it and report

edit: (not sure if it has been patched in the meantime) the autocast animation is present, but it seems it is below the spell icon, which renders is almost invisible… after using the aforementioned Dark Ranger the animation seems to be in the correct layer for a while, after which it is once again put beneath the icon


Same for moonwell heal


Found another visual bug, where Rejuvination isnt visible at all if used on shadowmeld units, while they get out of shadowmeld


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