LGBT Representation in Warcraft3 (MegaThread)


Skin color is irrelevant, completely irrelevant.

It makes you neither a monster nor a victim and has absolutely no effect on your capabilities whatsoever.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is wants something from you.


Having just googled these, I feel like I need to wipe my browser history and clear my cache. This is some Alex Jones tier stuff.

Well I guess since you posted this, racism isn’t a thing anymore.

Honestly it would be a good and better change of pace in the world if this was the case but it just isn’t.


Racism never existed. Only discrimination…



100% certain of it. Racism was all made up…


I’m gonna suggest you even do a quick google and skimming of subjects like: racial colour blindness, xenophobia, colonialism, racial profiling, supremacism, and race aversion.

Also maybe realize that discrimination is a part of racism, not a separate thing.


god i’m tired of this sh!t.


Wrong. Discrimination is not exclusive to racism.

When the jews were gassed in WW2, that was discrimination against jews. That’s a religion, not a race.


Racism and discrimination will never truly die.
Until we ourselves can look at our fellow man as an equal.
Not as a threat or a victim group or some sort of lesser being or some random letter of the alphabet.

It won’t so long as we keep introducing ourselves by color and sexual preferences first like it matters more than the content of our character.


Sorry, maybe I should’ve phrased it more like it is/can be. Silly me, giving you an “AHA GOTCHA” moment like that.

Except those are a part of the ‘content’ of someone’s character, what? Ethnicity, sexuality, gender, belief, and all that contribute to shaping a person. What they’ve been through or experienced in the past is what makes them who they are in the present.

You can’t have one or the other.

EDIT: “Be who you are, except don’t let anyone know who you are.”


You misunderstand or you are up to your usual entertaining antics…

A part of someone is not the sum of his being.

So to clarify, “Be who you are” and quit trying to act like it grants you moral or ethical superiority or somehow entitles you to well, literally anything really.

You shouldn’t be pitied or otherwise compensated for being black like it’s some sort of handicap.
The Idea that being gay is so much more important than a mans acts of goodwill or wickedness or even their profession is abhorrent.

Just to be 100% clear.
I do not give not one single solitary damn weather or not you’re a part of the lgbtqzx2&$ and whatever the hell made up designation there is.
If you’re a half way decent human being then truly I do not care as it is ultimately Irrelevant.

And so long as people continue to act like the only options are to either hide it or shove into the face of every solitary soul they meet…
Then things will not and cannot get better.


I know basketball is full of racism there is less then 20% white people with only about 5% total being gay.

To enforce equal rights they need to fire 30% of african american basketball players and replace them with another race. This racism needs to end here and get fair represination.

This, choose the best people for the job and not picking them on their colour or sex to make sure there is exactly the correct numbers for % representation is racism and discriminatory.


AHAHAHAHAHAH we no really need that


Your idea is offensive. Please delete this megathread.


Oh yes! Jesus please.


So you want to have LGBT characters
Stabbed, Burned, Eaten Alive, Raised From the Dead into souless abominations and a gross violation of the natural order with only fain memories of who and what they were before aimlessly searching for flesh to consume and destroying all they once held close to their heart! NOT EVEN A FINAL DEATH IS AN ESCAPE FROM TORTURE FOR HELL AWAITS ALL AFFLICTED BY THE CURSE OF UNDEATH!

So yea let’s just have two random Footmen kiss


But didn’t you know? Being gay increases your chances of becoming a necromancer later in life by a whopping 40%!

This post was made by the Underappreciated Necromancers Daily Enlightenment Activists Department.


I hope this never gets introduced. It’s a game not a movie. Not everything needs freaking LGBT representation. And that from a Trans person. Some people pulls way too much about their LGBT wanting and you are one of them OP. Not everything needs representations. Let the dam game being a game.

Do you see Black people or Arab people always annoying people about wanting their things inside of everything? No you don’t. Now quit being annoying.


Actually black people never stop doing it if we are being serious.

In real life scenarios they had to fire a bunch of firefighter officers so they could promote more black people by giving them a different test then everyone else “easier version” Then there is the black caucus, the black panthers, the movie with only black people in it black panther. “shoot a modern movie with only white people see what happens” here is a list of only black organizations where being black is only thing that matters go to google type black only origination they have them listed lol i found a wiki but not allowed to post links.

Also heroes of the storm has a few skins that turn white people into black or asian yet not a single one that turns lucio into a white or asian.


Ahh yes OFC this topic has soo many comments and views OFCCCCCCCCCC yes

warcraft 3 my old friend from 2003 who would have thought you had to face this…

who would have thought :upside_down_face: