Leave reforge graphics alone

There is no point in putting so much effort into “fixing” the new graphics , people that don"t like them wont use them no matter what you do , and the people that care about that , will use them anyway, and its not your fault. People that worked for Blizzard did such a great job 18 years ago , the games still looks better then any rts game ever released.

Instead , focus on the things that matter , and that is - LADDER ,DIVISIONS , CLANS , WORKING SERVERS , PROFILES! They dont have to come at once in a big patch , you can add them 1 by 1.

Sorry for the caps , but i felt they had to be written with caps.


Blizzard: Reads post

Footwear skins and customizable footprints incoming


The group must be an artist and a developer one.

It is likely that different people are working on different aspects of Warcraft III Reforged. For example someone skilled at real time graphics programming or modelling is likely working on improving the graphics while ladder and profiles would be someone more skilled with servers and net code. Getting someone to work outside their area of expertise is inefficient.

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Well , here is a solution , you redirect the money that goes to the “artists” and invest them into people that are responsible for the net code , programming , overall to the people that makes the game to just “work”, and these artist can go help out diablo immortal…for example.
We have a seriously broken game here for a long time , i know this is the new “standard” for Blizzard . There wont be star craft Ghost or Titan games anymore , that they will work so hard on them for years and then gets canceled because it doesnt meet Blizzard standards , but i still believe that at least one person from the old school Blizzard will put some sense into the current establishment.

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Give only money to the artist and put the calasico with the Refogradas models.

That’s simply not true.

I WANT to use the Reforged graphics. But I’m not using them because at the moment, it’s still too difficult to read what’s happening.


I disagree. I am sure someday people will get bored of old and wanna try new. If they manage it well now maybe someday people realize that new craphics are ok.

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What do you have against trolls and their two-toed footprints?

I love the new graphics, i dislike the lag

The graphics suck what are you even talking about? It’s 2020 and yet somehow the models look 2008.

Not only that but they are extremely hard to tell the difference with in battle something that was never a problem before; and it is way harder to click things now because the unit, and item circles are smaller.

The terrain looks completely off, the goldmine looks like an out of place cartoon.

Nothing about the new graphics are good when you compare it to 2019-2020 graphics for other computer games.

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When will somebody care about the most important missing feature of War3 ? When will we have creeps footprints???

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As a Naga, having no feet, I take offense to this.

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Has anyone tested, if the ReShade presets get negatively affected by the graphical changes? I refunded Reforged, which is why I can’t check it by myself.