Kinldy bring back 2018 graphics, people can switch mods

God I hope they listen so bad, my childhood game that I was so excited to replay has turned to a symbol of dread for me. The silence is horrible, if Blizzard has something better than we currently expect then please show us to give us some peace of mind, and if you don’t then at least delay the game till you have that thing.


The multiplayer and the whole game needs an option to switch to the 2018 demo graphics!
I will love to play my favourite custom maps with the modern realistic graphics of the demo from Blizzcon2018.


Looks like you are too naive and still don’t know how modern companies work these days.
The project got a budged of X money which covers dev salaries, third party taxes (like outsourcing the asset created by Lemon sky), marketing (which we can easily tell it got 0 budget) and some other stuff.
Devs were very passionate about the project and wanted to overhaul it (change most of the stuff for the better) so they over committed and promised us all those things in Blizzcon 2018.
Then the problems started to arise and they started hitting hurdles.
Those hurdles started eating their time (so basically money).
The company said that they are at the end of their budget and that they need to scrape everything that was believed not high priority. So they did.
There is absolutely no way they are postponing the game again, because the team is probably allocated to another game in the roadmap (probably D2 remaster, so they can announce it for the 20 year anniversary at this year’s Blizzcon)


yeah sure, Blizzard is indie company what to do. So i guess this is it.


The currently graphics are really REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY bad and everything feel weird, there is some bottle neck too due to the mono core CPU optimization.

I really want blizzard improve the game…


Are there any Reforged maps? I thought all the maps currently available were classic maps. The 2018 Demo was made as a Reforged only map.

Well WC3 should look stupidly bright because that is actually what it is set to look like. Only reason we are not blinded by how bright WC3 classic looks is due to old API limitations (max brightness clamped at 1) and wrong lighting maths being used (no colour management pipeline).

Reforged likely has HDR capabilities and hence why everything is so bright as now the brightness is working vaguely correctly.


You cant bring something that is build on SC2 editor when reforged is made on the Warcraft 3 editor

“So they lie to us?”

No they simply are soo smart to made the trailer good and never told you that the game it will be like the trailer.

They “outsmart” you

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it was NOT made on SC2 engine, stop this


Yes, the currently graphics from the beta are very weak, ugly, weird and old… This is so dissapointing and sad because that game now are looking like an old game! :frowning:

I really hope that game do improviments to the graphics! Bring the 2018 demo graphics! The realistic modern graphics from the demo is the right way to go to this game!


You are right. Lets hope they at least give us the visuals shown in the 2018 demo.


at least give us the visuals for campaigns

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Yeah people! This game still have remaining time to improve and fix that things! We hope them can do it! Thanks!


It would need more than two weeks.

Even if that needs more time, bring the option to switch to the 2018 demo graphics! The modern and realistic graphics look from the demo is the right way to match with the currently realistic models and buildings!


delete the 30HZ cap in the animation pls.


The limit cap for units and animation needs be improved too! If they can improve that too will be nice! Thanks

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That doesn’t even make sense. It would take more work to completely remake the culling of strathlome in SC2 and write galaxy code than it would to use the existing code and just make the compatible models and graphics that you’re already supposed to be doing.

That doesn’t sound like “working smart” at all.

SC2 doesn’t even have a built in Hero Engine, meaning they’d have to make a working, identical copy of Wc3’s hero engine in order to fool people.

edit: reviewing the strathlome video people keep linking…this is clearly the wc3 engine. You can tell just by seeing how the units move. SCII and wc3 have very particular ways that units move, and it would be a colossal effort to recreate that.

What i’m basically saying is it would be more work to fake it than to do it and then revert it later.


Great quote of Myhria topic! Awesome feedback!


Woow! Thanks for the quote, that will be very useful for feedback for them! And yes, we hope that game brings improviments to the graphics! Warcraft 3 Reforged are urgently needing the modern and realistic graphics from the 2018 demo!.


Check it out, you could like it: Tutorial: Graphics Improvement for Reforged