Jainas Icon Wrong?


I could be wrong, but in the leaked icons Jaina has her white hair in her current BFA model. This is wrong lore wise. The only reason her hair is white is due to the aftermath of the Theramore bomb, meaning her hair should still be blonde in the icon.

Edit: thanks everyone, I forgot that it would be because skins were a thing they mentioned having for hero’s.


there will be multiple choices of skins for each hero


The icon name is Admiral Jaina. It clearly is meant to represent her WoW post mana bomb version.

How this will be used we just have to wait and see.


If you look at the other icons in that set, they look like Skin icons. Probably multiplayer custom skins.

You have BFA Jaina, Crown Prince Arthas and Nightmare Cenarius in that set.


The set is called “skins” after all.


Big red Cenarius surrounded by squirming old god tentacles… HOT


It’s just a skin, so I would not worry too much about lore bound in this case.


That icon is the “Daughter of the Sea Jaina” Portrait which is going to be a reward for purchasing the Spoils of War edition.


is this confirmed as part of Spoils of War?