It's over. Warcraft 3 is patched to DEATH


He is a Blizzard Bot , don’t mind him


It’s over.
It’s over.
It’s over.


The end is nearrr! Doom and gloom! Which comes first? Check the Reforged trailer and decide.


i am not a bot. i support blizzard out of fear, nothing else.


This Patch destroyed the game
ty Blizzard.
Bots 4 President


Stupid patch, bllizard suck


Well, in fact, I have had zero problems. Does that make you mad?

Haha, you’re funny :rofl:


Bots are patched to death not warcraft 3 :smiley:


Have you ever opened the game since this patch


I have, and I’ve been able to test my own maps for the first time for a very long time, since there’s no more bots ruining my chances to actually get players to my unknown map.


It must have been a great test with insta desync or 600 ping


Can someone call that WoW guy who programmed wc3 engine to be modern comatibile for 2 days?

I mean hire him for 7 days so he completly fix everything right now and bring wc3 in the stage off official Reforged.

Srsly, cause every new patch is a repatch of previous patch that is a repatch of patch before until 1.26.

-Bnet conenct button fade when i enter wc3
-in custom game list i see dozen of dead games
-Ping is too high , its insane . With bots my ping was never over 30 ms in eu
-Refresh button literally doesnt work, its geting bugged
-When i click on game name,and then click join it doesnt work
-When i do double click on game name sometimes it works
-When i dont have a map and i have to download it, it knows to kick me out totally
-In 90% of cases i cant join game
1.They try create games alone, cause they wannna play so hard
2.Custom game list are getting overflooded, so much people are hosting
3.Which leads to bugging system where so many dead games appears
4. Collapse of the system
5. Massive complains on blizz forums with an actual reason
6. And finally persons with ,King, in their account name tells you(or his spiritual clones But,Im etc) : Nothing is wrong with blizz, give devs a time, they will fix it.
Relax its not end of the world , stop spreading apocalypse agenda and mass hysteria on forums.


When did you play warcraft 3 last time?

edit because i played 5 minutes ago and everything is fine wake up :stuck_out_tongue:


Tnx for kind comment. When i was writing this , i experience those issues 2 days ago.

Today i enterd, and i experience same.

Specually what annoys me is next : When i click on game, and then “join button” - it tells me : you didnt specify a game to join.

It happens cause when you click game in custom game list : its name it doesnt show up in small window bar - where game name should appear, so join button thinks you never selected a game.

I think that premise in programing code is missing xD

Either remove join buton and leave double click to enter game, or fix this issue.



No, it worked just fine and there was no lag. Why is it so hard for you to believe, that not everyone is having problems?


When there is 100 people complaining and one people says everything is fine, you may think there must be something then you check his posts and see… All posts are defending Blizzard’s bugs\faults so you say alright this guy not even touched the patch just plain lying.


Haha, you kids are funny. So, yeah, whatever. I’m not going to talk with you anymore, since I don’t think these “conversations” are going to really lead to anything.


I’ve been having the same problem! 0.1 fps in custom games. It gets so bad that I cant even leave the game sometimes. Did anyone ever find the source of this issue?


I don’t think I’ve seen a single case of ping going past 200, and there hasn’t been any framerate issues for me. Might be a location based issue, where some network connections end up going through a bunch of extra steps. Maybe they tried to patch in SC2’s autolobby netcode and messed it up?

Whatever the case, the bots handled a lot of netcode shenanigans within a very old, and very direct, architecture. You quite simply aren’t going to get that performance from a semi-centralized autolobby like Blizzard has probably made mandatory without rebuilding it from the ground up, and that simply isn’t going to happen without an engine revamp.

Simply put, the low ping under hostbots is from years of optimizing a peer-to-peer network system with a well-defined singular host, while Blizzard is probably revising the netcode to a much more modern one and messing up the procedure because they quite possibly have lost the source code for WC3’s netcode, having overwritten it while making SC2 or simply not bothered to keep it this whole time.


With Australian internet I can’t get a ping below 400, and there’s probably a good reason you don’t see it- people kick red pings. A lot of people have probably simply given up and moved on. Otherwise there’s just too many bugs for this to be considered anything but a forced beta of their new changes, there was a PTR for a reason.