It's a busy day for Blizzard services

Yes, it’s Corona time. But you cannot tell me that this game that never showed any issues, does not have a high server load, was always available on Battle.Net (1.0), NOW CANNOT BE ACCESSED OR PLAYED ONLINE FOR ~450 minutes.

Get over it and give us back our old client.

It wasn’t WC3 that was having issues, item. Battlenet experienced a period of authentication issues, meaning all log in attempts, not just WC3.

The all-clear was given about 15min ago.

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So is this why i just see the got damn lion gate now and i cannot enter the game?
never experienced this before…

Once the authentication service is back up, there’s going to a long line of people trying to log in, which will slow things down until the system catches up.

That’s normal for any log in system, including Battlenet.

We can authenticate in other games like diablo3 and heroes of the storm, but not for warcraft3 - could you explain why there is a difference?


I just tried to log in and got in with no issues or delays. So I can’t speak as to what’s causing your specific issue. There could be something going on with just WC3; however, the OP posted during a known Battlenet outage that has passed.

try to log in, doors wont open at log in. SC2 working fine, w3r worked also this morning. No update between. Tracing route to europe . battle . net - timed out. WTF blizzard, why other games are working ?