Item/Skills descriptions doesn't show up

Hello there everyone!

I’ve finally downloaded wc3 reforged on my pc few days ago using blizzard site for classic games. After downloading all the files in my native language (PL), I went to give it a try, but there seems to be lack of something even tho file check didn’t give me any errors. Hero skills (classic and custom ones), any unit descriptions, items that are created by players, sometimes even whole stats hub dissapears. I’ve tried some guides for placing ‘font’ folder into files and unlocking registry, changing whole game language settings to english but nothing really helped. Sending ticket to support didn’t help at all too. I’m having eurobattlenet classic warcraft 1.28 too that is working without problems (had few problems with russian maps but that got fixed by placing font folder into files). Would some1 have any idea what the culprit might be and how to fix it? Weirdly enough if I’ll put item on ground and click it without having it in my backpack or shop I can read all the stats.
I’ve compiled some screenshots in game on google drive, if any1 wants to see how it looks like just copy the link below adding one ‘/’ next to drive.


Thanks in advance for any help.

Make sure under Gameplay options that Enhanced Tooltips is enabled.


Bro… I have no words… xD That stupid thing was unchecked and you were right about it. Thank you so so much!


thank you so much lol